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  1. wLym

    Chances of a 2nd chance for med?

    Was wondering if someone knew what are the chances for a med place in the 2nd round of offers? Anyone reading this got a 2nd round offer for medicine last year/year before? On another point, anyone have ideas of just how many people do decline their offer to med because of deciding against a...
  2. wLym

    Med. rejection thread.

    Hey just checked my offers and was hoping for med. Got cut! So who else here didnt make it into med? What did you get and what are your plans now? Science at ANU for me. ANU is awesome so im happy eitherhow.
  3. wLym

    What to do with my main round offer?

    I have a current dilemma in which i have an offer from the main round which i must either accept/defer by the 30th of january. However, I have applied for the late round, in which i will base my actions on my main round offer depending on what i get in the late round. But since late round offers...
  4. wLym

    B (Adv/Honors) Science @...

    ANU, UNSW, or USYD? I just need to know... =S Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! =)
  5. wLym

    change of preferences for Late Round

    Alright i need a quick question answered quickly, if possible. My thanks in advance: In the uac guide it says change of preferences for consideration in the late round are from 21st january till Tuesday 27th january. Could anyone clear up my confusion as to whether the closing time for changing...
  6. wLym

    R.I.P. H.S.C. thread

    HSC 2008 is complete. Whether you have realised your ambitions, fallen short, or simply been swept away by the confusion, now is not a time to dwell. This is a thread to acknowledge those who have done the hsc to the best or worst of their ability, or did the hsc with everything seeming to go...
  7. wLym


    I think i just got hit by a truck. goodbye hsc
  8. wLym

    Now is the time...... forget everything we have learnt about business studies! Yay! BRAIN: *highlight "business folder"*.................................*delete*
  9. wLym

    Best university for....

    Im thinking of doing aerospace/aeronautical engineering or scienctific research(Probably physics, astronomy). Any ideas on the best uni for these? Im also wondering if there were any unis that are really good outisde of sydney, because ive only looked at Sydney uni and UNSW, and to be...
  10. wLym

    99 uai still possible?

    Just today I found out what i want to do at uni, and shock horror....99+ UAI. Im worried that with my english ranking pulling me down, i aint gonna make it. Currently coming about 8th out of 22. Any thoughts? If i dont get a band 6 UAI for my english, am i gonna miss out on the 99? Im sure about...
  11. wLym

    Advice needed: Preparing for English Adv Trial paper 2?

    I have yet to see an English Adv Trial Paper 2. I know it consists of 3 sections on King Lear, Emma, Ted hughes. Is it alright to go in with a few prepared points on each module, or does the question vary so much taht i need to know everything? :S Any help would be appreciated.
  12. wLym

    Trials and Ranks Question...

    Ok, im having a little trouble working out how the hsc works. But heres my situation. Say Ive been going well all year, ranked 1st or close to it, and in competition with a fellow student, and were both scoring similar assessment marks. Say come trials, i do miserable in the trials, which brings...
  13. wLym


    Re: Half yearly results :) just a quick query......what if i like fail my half yearlys for half my units? can i still pick it up? i mean....i totally fucked for the half yearlys...... one other thing........i am doing 4 unit math atm. If i do badly in my 4 unit but do well in my 3...
  14. wLym

    worried and need advice

    hi, i started off ok with english, getting a 13/15 score for my first essay. after getting back my recent english essay, to my horror i did not score very well. 9/15. My concerns lie in the fact that this actually counts to my hsc. I want to know, since this essay is worth 15% of the assessment...
  15. wLym

    sport injustice

    Does anyone find a particular sport discriminative or stereotyped? basketball stereotypes players on their physical build. Taller players are confined to playing 'centre' which does not particularly utilise the players personal capabilities and make them feel left out of the team...