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    'One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter'

    Source : Discuss.
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    ''Islamic finance rides the storm'' ye.. its true interest is haram =]
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    i just bought a new laptop and want the net on it- what is the difference between the routers for the wireless connection ????? and my house is double story and double brick and i want to be able to use it upstairs.... is there a specific type i need :( and considering that the actual...
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    WTH is a lifelong assistant

    Got a job interview for it and i dont even know wtf it is lols its contract im assuming you do everything ??? EDIT: BIG w/Woolies employees
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    Where not to go

    LOL. =]
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    UNSW Combined TO USYD combined LAW

    how???? :S if i want to transfer to semester 2... is that possible ??? and what do i need?
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    does it matter if i have a lecture 1-3 say and then a tutorial 3-4 lyk does that make my lyf harder... or is that allright ??
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    I need a 4unit Tutor.

    I live in the Bankstown area. I need someone who can just cut the crap and teach me questions that are going to come in the exam paper. I hate it when people go on and on about theories and their proof, when the bos doesn't give a shit. ;) I need 95+ for maths ext.2. I'm a fast...
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    Huck Finn - Learning + obstacles...

    Can we get a break down of everything here. I'm actually gathering notes from the net now. Main concepts are as follows. - Missisipi river (Metaphorical Symbol) - The antithesis established b/w land and the raft - Romantic context? - Grangerford & Shepperdsons - Colonel Sherburn - The duke and...
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    B Commerce (Services Marketing - Tourism and Hospitality)

    ... So I was doing my preferences. My first preference is B law/ B Business but... I needed to fill up the table. I saw this course a couple of weeks ago. It requires an interview... It seems interesting. Just wanted to know if anyone is doing it?
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    Whens your Farewell??

    Mine IS NEXT WEEK!!! :) :D Toook me thirteen years to say THAT!!!
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    Combined engineering...

    Is it a good idea to combine enginnering with law or commerce.Hence Law/ Engineering or Commerce/Engineering. Does anyone do any of the combinations? What are the benefits of doing this?? Would it be a better idea to do Business/Law?
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    The Obernewtyn Chronicles

    The author is Isobelle Carmody. She's Australian ;) :wave: Has anyone read them?
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    CSSA Modules paper

    :wave: Haha. I ran out of time so I resorted to naming the texts ' A & C' By W.S. and W.W for William Wordsworth... but in the intro I mentioned that I'd be referring to them like that... haha, in high sample answers they also done that so I took leave to do it as well... LOL