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    Medical science as a preference?

    Why? where did u go? By the way, my name's Melissa
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    Medical science as a preference?

    Thanx dingo
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    Medical science as a preference?

    Who is actually considering going 2 campbelltown uws for medical science?
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    Rank and Mark

    Rank- 5th Mark- 86%
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    2003 HSC Marks

    Does anyone know whether food tech scales up or down???
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    I Am The First One Done!

    Well I think I'm stuffed...I did talk about OH&S but couldn't think of any others so I mentioned sumthing about 'equal opportunity' stuff & sumthing about unfair dismissal...hopefully I went ok in the rest of the exam!!!
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    government/legislation question???

    What did u guys put for the question which asked about government/legislation regarding working conditions? I put OH&S but couldn't think of any others!
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    Ratio Boy To Girl In Chem

    6 girls, 2 guys, and the girls are kicking the guy's asses!!!
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    I think its BaOH + HNO3 ----> BaNO3 + H20 (acid + base ----> salt + water) Thats what I put anyway
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    Chemistry of Art whine

    Believe me, there was plenty to talk about such as the uses of the pigments, why the pigments were suitable etc, etc, I managed 2 fill up a couple of pages! Most of it was waffle though!
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    How was it ??

    I totally agree...unlike the biology exam, the people who really knew their stuff will outshine the bullshitters!!!
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    question thats going 2 be in the test

    I think they've already tested comparing the heat of combustion of three alkanols???
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    Genetics the code broken

    Yeah i know...i didnt have a clue how 2 read off that stupid thing, i just tried 2 make an 'educated' guess, & guessed father 3 (probably wrong!!!)
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    Ok, ok 13/15 then...sheesh!
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    Oh well, 14/15 is ok!! :)
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    Genetics option

    So we didn't have to actually go into depth about evolutionary relationships, etc, etc but apply it to how we found the info & analysed it?
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    Not enough room?

    Does anyone else agree that there wasn't enough space to write a decent, well structured answer? I found it bloody hard 2 fit everything in & ended up writing all down the sides of the pages with arrows pointing everywhere!!!
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    I disagree with both of your 'tricky' question answers. For Q11, I got C, & for Q13 I got B.
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    Genetics option

    Did we have to actually have to talk about genes & evolutionary relationships, or just how we processed & analysed the data?
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    Did I just sit a Bio exam?

    Why is everyone complaining? The exam was easy, so what? Anywayz the've already tested most of the harder concepts in previous exams so why test them again, that's my theory!