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    PSYC at UNSW

    I did no science subjects in the HSC and only did 2U math and I'm doing fine with my psych subjects, in 2nd year atm. The only background knowledge you should have is basic statistics like mean and standard deviation, but if you need revision or wanna get ahead I highly recommend MATH1041...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    ^ would also like to know, as well as 2521 Any recent reviews for 2521?
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    How do you write a society and culture essay????

    Writing a society and culture essay is just like writing any other essay - you start off with your intro to introduce what you'll be talking about, then follow the STEEL/TEEL/PEEL structure in your paragraphs, then a conclusion, and voila there's your essay. Can't help you on the ALARM table...
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    Is it worth double majoring in Psych + Neuro?

    Yeah for sure. Thanks for your help :) Lol same here Thank goodness for that sample program, jfc wouldn't have had a clue what to do without it
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    Is it worth double majoring in Psych + Neuro?

    Omg no way!! I was having the same problem, I was super interested in the philo major but I don't think that would open many doors for me career wise. Yeah, as soon as I saw the chem and bio required in the first term I was ready to quit then and there haha. I've read through the course guides...
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    Is it worth double majoring in Psych + Neuro?

    I'm enrolled in Psychological Science at UNSW with a major in Psychology. I am 100% sure of entering clinical after, which requires a 75%+ average in my psychology subjects. I'm not sure whether I should also major in neuroscience. I don't know what I would do with it after my degree, I worry...
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Yoooo, just accepted!! Kind of conflicted if I wanna go to UNSW or USYD though :confused2:
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Was pretty gutted when I first got my results but now I’m pretty chill with them Eng Adv - 88 (pretty disappointed, worked hard all year for english :/ ) Math - 89 (scaling must’ve been insane - raw mark of ~74 got scaled to 85) Legal - 91 Society and Culture - 92 (lowest scaling subject ended...
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    Post-HSC Bucket List

    Ayeeee, same here, started playing beginning of yr11 and only ever let myself play in school holidays when I'd finished all my studying. No worries. I'm not sure, never applied or worked for woolies but I reckon they'd be happy with the experience you've got. No harm in trying. Yeah I'm quite...
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    Post-HSC Bucket List

    BigW, Target, Woolies, Kmart, retail in general. If you're interested in something kind of long-term you could look at vacancies for receptionists
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    Post-HSC Bucket List

    Gonna watch a shit tonne of tv, draw heaps, play some overwatch and probably start playing fortnite Also looking for a job
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    Does Legal Studies HSC exams test Prelim content? If so and which?

    Nope, HSC tests purely the Yr12 syllabus. However, the content covered in Yr11 overlaps a lot with Crime and Human Rights and is vital to understanding the HSC content.
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    I have been sick from since my last exam and my next exam is on monday

    As far as I know, your internal marks shouldn't matter too much, if at all, for providing an estimate, since every school marks to different standards. I recommend definitely getting a doctor's certificate and applying for illness misadventure, as you've definitely had a disadvantage. My deputy...
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    Rage Studying???

    Nah, I usually rage too I try not to, but if I'm really angry I'll bite my pens/pencils or throw a stress ball across the room
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    PIP Topic Help

    I would be somewhat cautious of using the same or similar topic across two majors, probably best to ask your teacher if you haven't already. If you've already asked and it's all good, then I think the easiest way to change your IRP topic into a PIP question is to integrate course concepts. For...
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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    Before looking at this, I thought I couldn't feel any worse about that exam I was wrong :haha:
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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    oml I bombed that paper, brb gotta change my uac preferences Legit walked in aiming for a band 6, walked out hoping for a band 4. I swear it feels like I've gotten worse at maths over the past couple years. Funny though, I did the very last part of q16 fine but the rest of q16 I struggled on :/
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    HSC Legal Studies Exam Thoughts

    I don't see the point in legal aid if you plead guilty though? Isn't the point of legal aid to have someone properly represent you/support your case, which you wouldn't really need if you plead guilty? Idk that's just what I thought, I ended up choosing the 'serious offence' option bc of...
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    HSC Legal Studies Exam Thoughts

    Yeah I put ICC, no way it could've been High Court since the offence was outside of Aus (leader of another country) Was tossing up between ICC and ICJ for a while though
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    Visual Arts Exam Thoughts

    What did y'all think of the exam? I thought it was a pretty good exam. Loved the questions in S2, ended up doing Q5. I loved S1 except for the 5 marker artwork. Also I feel I didn't write well enough for the 12 marker, but I think I aced the 8 marker.