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    Final estimation please :)

    <TABLE class="tblContent tblCourses" border=1 summary="Displays a student's rank order notice" cellPadding=5><TBODY><TR><TD class=tdSml>15090</TD><TD>Drama</TD><TD class=tdSml>2</TD><TD class=tdSml>1 / 9</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD class=tdSml>15140</TD><TD>English (Advanced)</TD><TD...
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    What happens if you're late to a HSC exam?

    So my boyfriend's an idiot. His exam started at 1:55pm and it's now 2:22pm... he's probably just arriving now lol Will he be able to enter? What will happen to him :S
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    What the eff

    In our extended response, do we prepare for an essay focusing on ALL THREE including person, practice, ethics because... They used to only ask for one THEN they started doing three BUTTTTT in the CSSA trials they asked for two? What are we meant to prepare for?!?
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    Can I bring my lip balm

    My lips get dry... :L
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    Omgahh less than two weeks?!?!

    Okay so I remember starting my countdown. The past 30 days went hella quick. Who is prepared? Come at me or na?
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    How many speeches to do?

    I know they can ask on a specific speech, but I really doubt it. How many are YOU doing to study? Might do 3 max.
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    Drama Marks

    I heard of some people already getting their group performance marks and individual marks back? True or are they talking s***...
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    About 8932790th ATAR Estimate!! :)

    Please estimate my ATAR, for the last time. :) Advanced English: 15/76 Modern History: 6/30 Legal Studies: 10/29 Studies of Religion II: 3/19 Drama: 1/9 School Rank: 491 My teachers say this year's cohort isn't as spastic as last years... Thanks guys
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    Contemporary issues in extended responses

    In order to get full marks, must we mention all the issues in the 25 mark essays? There are so many cases/laws/reports for each one. Should we maybe just explore two or three in depth?
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    Is there a new syllabus?

    I mean I KNOW that there's a new syllabus, but should I still be able to correctly do past papers for legal studies? In the MC for past papers many questions are not derived from the 2011 syllabus. Like, it's got questions about tort law and the rule of law... and isn't that in the prelim...
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    Breaks during study

    Reaaaaallly curious, how long are everyone's breaks? Because I take like a two hour break per hour of study. And does anyone feel they need to take a break for a whole day before resuming to study again? My brain feels like it's exploding
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    Do Universities consider school reports?

    Do they look at them at all? Because my school attendance/punctuality is atrocious, lol. love ma sleep ins
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    Atar estimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi hi hi, School rank: 491 Drama - 1/9 Legal Studies - 15/30 English Advanced - 15/74 Studies of Religion II - 3/19 Modern History - 10/30 Thanks guys :love:
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    Is there ANYONE on here that does drama?

    ...anyone? Need help for individual!
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    Critical analysis, due monday!

    Is everyone prepared? I know I'm not?!?!?! Does anyone know how much you can be over/under the 800 word limit??
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    Cssa legal studies trial exams

    Okay, I have SO much information for this subject. I have gathered my notes and it is literally like a book now, even summarised! What is the most effective way to study for legal studies? Write generic essays? Know they key cases, laws, etc? And... what sections to we study for most? Like...
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    Question about CSSA Modern History...

    Soz, dunno where to post this... In relation to the personality question in Secition III, will there always be two separate questions, or can they chuck out just one, 25 marker? thaaaaaaanks.
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    Modern History TRIAL EXAMS

    How are you guys going to go about studying, as well as memorising notes, etc? Are you going to memorise/practice any generic essays? Really need to get my rank up for this subject!
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    Part-time jobs during HSC

    Just curious... who has a part time job? How much time are you taking off, if any?
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    ATAR re-estimate.

    recalculated rankings. found out latest school rank: 491 English Advanced - 23/76 Drama - 1/9 Modern History - 13/30 Legal Studies - 15/31 SOR II- 3/19 thanks!