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  1. marchetta

    Lecture clash

    Listening to ilecture should be fine.
  2. marchetta

    Advice on doing LING109: Language, Culture and Communication People Unit :)

    I did it back in 2005. It's a great course. Jennifer Peck is an excellent lecturer.
  3. marchetta

    University of Newcastle 2013 Roll Call

    I'm still studying a Master of Applied Linguistics
  4. marchetta

    University of newcastle 2012 roll call

    Master of Applied Linguistics... this is my third year though.
  5. marchetta

    Rollcall 2011!

    Master of Applied Linguistics, my second year.
  6. marchetta

    is LING109 hard???

    Nah, it's quite easy and interesting. I recommend studying the unit :)
  7. marchetta

    Smoking in a car with under 16 yr olds now illegal

    Actually, rolling the windows down while driving doesn't eliminate the unhealthy effects of secondhand smoke for kids and other passengers.
  8. marchetta

    The McDonald's Thread

    Re: is 3 hours the mimimum number of hours for a shift at mcdonalds ? I remember that the handbook said that the minimum hours you can work for are two hours.
  9. marchetta

    estudent wont let me enroll.

    I went there last Thursday so they should be.
  10. marchetta

    estudent wont let me enroll.

    If you can't still enrol in the next couple of days, you can go to estudent enquiry centre located at C5C.
  11. marchetta

    Enrolling Units in 2009

    I completed a form in the morning and it was approved by around 12pm today.
  12. marchetta

    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    Failure to Launch. It was sooooooo boring!
  13. marchetta

    DrIvInG InStRuCtErS...any 1 know any

    I had a driving instructor called Dennis. You can contact him on 0418 284 322. He used to work at the rta, testing learner drivers and stuff. He charges $47 an hour and he's really good.
  14. marchetta

    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    Christina Aguilera - Stripped Phil Collins - Greatest Hits album
  15. marchetta

    Coffee? Yes please.

    Yeah, I drink coffee everyday :)
  16. marchetta

    Pizza Hut gave my friend Food Poisoning?

    You should definitely complain about it.
  17. marchetta


    L'Oreal's True Match foundation. Best foundation i've used so far.
  18. marchetta

    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    Madonna - Confessions on a Dancefloor Madonna - Something to Remember
  19. marchetta

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Blue skirt from Jeans West Two singlets from Cotton On
  20. marchetta

    If you could bring a dead rock star back to life

    John Lennon