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  1. stalk_if_u_dare

    facebook groups 4 Ressies

    hiya guys, hope you're getting excited for starting UC on Res! Now if you havent already got a Facebook Account. GET ONE!!! its very useful remembering new friends, feeling silly from the tagged photos of yourself drunk/passed out/climbing - then falling, etc. Its very useful to be a...
  2. stalk_if_u_dare

    Any Ressies here?

    now that ive been at the Uni (and res) for a year.. im curious to see if anyone I met there is on BOS and i might have been chatting to them for ages?! p.s, anyone coming to UC next year and going to be on Res??
  3. stalk_if_u_dare


    Anyone going (or has seen) the David Strassman show?? im going to the parramatta show on sunday booya!
  4. stalk_if_u_dare

    Couple ordered to divorce after sleep talking episode glad that rule doesnt apply to everyone, cos i sleep talk:( though every interesting that sleep-talking counted for means of divorce!
  5. stalk_if_u_dare

    Whats the easiest way to make batter??

    Im off to a Brigade Camp tomorrow night & cos im cooking, i have complete control on the kitchen!!!! (cue evil laugh)HAHAHA!! & acouple of the older kiddies & i are going to make pineapple fritters...i know you can make batter just out of flour & water..but is there any other nice batters...
  6. stalk_if_u_dare

    The Aunty Jack Show

    Its on dvd....for awhile now but i got it last tuesday. It has never been reruned or put on video! I love it, though my parents made me listen to the records & the songs are SO cool!!!!:D & i swear this is the show where Kel from 'Kath & Kim' came from :D..theres a bit about this 'meat...
  7. stalk_if_u_dare

    I hate Centrelink!

    :burn: (im not sure where to put this thread) But i 'need' to tell them that ive deferred from uni & i was hoping to report online...but NO!!!! because i dont have a reciet (cant spell :() number from the last time i been to centrelink within the last 8 weks or have a vaild pasport, i...
  8. stalk_if_u_dare

    All Saints

    YAY! Neslon kissing his dead wife...she wont complain! ALSO! im an extra on it!!!...the episode about medieval reenactment...& a guy with a pole through the head! yea!!!:rofl: Im the woman in a orange apron, pinkish dress & white scarf on head!!:wave:
  9. stalk_if_u_dare

    Canberra College

    Well im off to do the UC-CONNECT (thanks to the advice of Rory! :D) in august this year! Anybody doing the same course or another course at the college?? Or anybody got any advice??? SEE YA FOOLS! *goes back to sleep*
  10. stalk_if_u_dare

    Women in industrial technology, wood & metal

    Just wondering how many hard-working women are going to do wood, or even metal?? I did wood last year & i was the only girl, with a male teacher. Half the time it was hard, becuase my teacher sometimes forgot that i wasnt a but i did have loads of fun :) If you have a bad...
  11. stalk_if_u_dare

    2006 - What IP are you going to do?

    Well wot IP ppls? Last year i did scriptwriting..that was loads of fun!!! :D
  12. stalk_if_u_dare

    How do you copy a explosm comic into ur Sig?

    Ive tired copying that box with all that computer language stuff, but when ive tired it, it just shows wot i copied...the words, not the comic. I notice that other ppl have explosm comics, so how did u do it & why cant I?
  13. stalk_if_u_dare

    Has anybody got a reply from La Trobe about deferring yet?

    I was talking to another person who's going to La Trobe & is deferring..but neither of us has got a reply from La Trobe...god i hope my reached there in time *fingers crossed* So has anyone got contact from La Trobe yet???
  14. stalk_if_u_dare

    Fairy Odd Parents

    I think its the best kiddies show EVER!!!! Though "The Freals" was pretty good too. But who can bet a 10-year-old boy with a stupid little pink hat :D "I found a nickel, I named it Phillip, Phillip's a she!"
  15. stalk_if_u_dare

    Wot was the 1st M rated movie you saw & how old were you??

    I was 4 when my mum (the crazy woman that she was :D) made me watch; "Little Shop Of Horrors - movie musical" & at the same time, "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Those movies made me wot i am today!!!...oh god..
  16. stalk_if_u_dare

    Quotes from RED DWARF!!!

    Come RED DWARF FANS!!!!! Quote time! *My sig has a quote from red dwarf :D here's some more: *"I have a medium-sized fire axe buried in my spinal column. That sort of thing can really put a crimp on your day. " - Kryten, Quarantine *Rimmer: "What's this? Learning drugs? They're...
  17. stalk_if_u_dare

    I'm REALLY confuzzled!

    Need to ask more stupid questions here! soz :) * With deferring, do i have to complete & send in the enrolment form in as well as a letter stating that u want to defer?? Or do you just send the letter saying your deferring??? * Also with that slip that we were given by the UAC, does...
  18. stalk_if_u_dare

    O Week at La Trobe??

    Does anyone know when La Trobe's O week is on? Just wondering :) Also wondering, its just a stupid question, if u are going to defer, can u still go to the O week this year? Cheers Big-ears!
  19. stalk_if_u_dare


    Anyone doing Arts at La Trobe? I am..but am going to defer..i need money before moving down there (im from the Blue Mountains..alittle far away) I'm going to do drama & theatre studies...but i dont understand how the minors work???
  20. stalk_if_u_dare

    A friend of mine got into UNI by a phonecall..not by UAI!

    My best friend got a UAI below 50.00..but because he did Maths extension 1 & 2 and got 90 for math extension 1 & 80 for the other one, he gets a call from WOU saying cos of his marks, he gets to go into their maths course!!! DRATS! i want a call from WOC or Canberra saying dont worry about...