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  1. shona1990

    Diploma in Law - LPAB

    I was just wondering who's done it, how challenging they found it, the sort of workload involved, what job you managed to find yourself while doing it, etc. Any info or tips would be much appreciated! :uhhuh: I was thinking of starting off with just one subject to ease myself back into...
  2. shona1990

    Who pays board?

    Just wondering how many other people do, plus your circumstances etc - Are you working, if so: full or part time? Are you provided with food etc? I work about 3-4 days a week (gap year), pay $100 a week rent (for a room which I share with someone else who's also paying $100 a week for it), buy...
  3. shona1990

    Senior Science - Exam Thoughts

    No one does Senior Science??! :p Anyone? How'd you find the exam? It was a lot easier than I anticipated, but I wish they'd asked more on the scientists contributing to our understanding of disease (for pharmaceuticals)... A TWO MARK question?! GAH! I wrote like a page haha. I could have gone...
  4. shona1990

    Missed UAC cutoffs?

    Kept putting it off and then when the time came, I couldn't find my student number.... (Still can't... Am searching ALL over my bedroom) What now? Gonk. :bomb:
  5. shona1990


    Perform an investigation to construct pedigrees or family trees, trace the inheritance of selected characteristics and discuss their current use. It seems as though everyone's assessment for Blueprint Of Life is a dot point from the syllabus.... Anyone else get this one? Any tips on how to go...