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  1. anita_wax

    Rent Pricing

    anyone know the going rate around cronulla for a 1 (pref2) bed flat?
  2. anita_wax

    skating/blading/ice skating

    anyone noticed like every joint has closed down now :( ive been blading for 13 years now... im so pissed off i cant go down for a skate anymore. apparently now there is some 7 ice skating rinks left in australia. damn stop suing the joints!!! and they wonder why we are getting fatter
  3. anita_wax

    ok is this a jib?

    i got a full time roll as a junior it technician/help desk.... i browsed online and the average salary is btwn 32-37k for 1st years but that doesnt include 'junior' and 'still studying' they reckon 21k(+super) is the average. i just calculated this... that is $10.09 an hour for 8 hours work...
  4. anita_wax

    for any1 who ever played aoe,aok,aoc online

    yeah, zone is killing of its cd-rom section. last day is 18th june. everyone come on for a last game before the service closes :( if u didnt know, aoe,aok & aoc are all the age of empire games before age of empires 3. they have already closed the first game aoe :\ rip zone and thanks...
  5. anita_wax

    FIFA 2006 World Cup BOS Tipping Competition

    with a month to go sign up for the BOS tipping competition for the 2006 FIFA world cup. Sign Up Here For Oztips After signing up for OZTIPS.COM Join The Competition details Comp Name: BOS 2006 World Cup Tipping Competition Comp #: 73265 Comp Password: google try sign...
  6. anita_wax


    i just got offered a job for the rest of my tafe holidays, $120 a day setting up computers and laptops at my mums work woo!
  7. anita_wax

    Tegan Wagner - Is she brave?

    tegan wagner, the gang rape victim who has come out and reveled her identity and pursued her case after many setbacks.,20281,18720705-5001021,00.html
  8. anita_wax

    i need help with something + how are you finidng tafe?

    i'm starting to really hate it since im the only girl in my class... and it's an i.t class so theres no one with any personality in it. and i have this guy who wont stop following me and his giving me the shits but i cant tell him to piss off cos i need his help. im seriously considering...
  9. anita_wax

    Slaughterhouse Practices

    Wikipedia - Slaughterhouse --- did anyone watch the end of 60 mins last night when they showed a preview for next week? it made me feel so sick, iran people i think it was crippling cows before they go and slit their throat and then the meat gets sent here more info on this sunday night but...
  10. anita_wax

    but then they switched from the swingline to the boston stapler!

    whos seen office space? i love milton & the guy whos always afraid of loosing his job "i have people skills. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!" wooo! i got 64%
  11. anita_wax

    so whos doing any it course at uni/tafe?

    i found out today that i can skip my certificate 3 in networking and go straight to the diploma which means i get 6 months less study. the lady was ever so helpfull when she found out my mums cisco certified network administator/enginner :p so woo 6 months less & that i had done my cert 2...
  12. anita_wax

    underworld evolution

    better than the first? what was it liek :$
  13. anita_wax

    whats your favourite ice cream!

    mine is bubble o bill :$ simply because the ice cream on it is so nice. favourite flavours are mint & cookies n cream
  14. anita_wax

    aphex twin

    i am fucking in love with alberto balsam by aphex twin. i want everybody to know :D
  15. anita_wax

    stewie griffin: the untold story

    just like an extended episode although i liked it :) doin' a bit of shaving?
  16. anita_wax


    only movie that interested me atm, i saw it the other day and pretty good. just a bit all over the place and too much effect on effects thats all. and since i love girl leads in action movies, made me like the movie even more
  17. anita_wax

    uac number?

    when did we get sent it. i only woke up 2houra ago and i forgot about uai till now 8-) what colour is the paper
  18. anita_wax

    PD/H/PE A Big Suprise?

    82/100 im stoked :) especially after thinking id got so many fucked up after the chat about it. and the difficulty of it. who got the highest?
  19. anita_wax

    a question of DOOM

    if youve played all the doom's what do you prefer? yes i know im old knews here, but saw doom 3 on sale for $25 in miranda other day and it sparked renewed interest in me since been playing alot of classic doom again. got the demo and its great, although cant get past the first level on noob...
  20. anita_wax

    yay i have a trojan! pc-illin found it and it wanted me to quaruntine my literal whole computer i went thru regedit and startup to check it out, deleted the keys. but didnt do it in safe mode blah, ill inform u more when i reboot comp if its reattached...