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  1. red152

    What is Mechatronic engineering at UNSW like?

    I'm probably going to do Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronic) at UNSW. I would like to know a few things before I decide it to be final. 1. How many people do mechatronics in each year group at UNSW? 2. How common is it for people to do double degrees with commerce with this degree...
  2. red152

    Is studying a double degree worth it?

    I've already completed my UAC preferences, but I'm not sure of the order that I should arrange my preferences in. I've selected the following (all at UNSW): 1) Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce - Mechatronic 2) Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronic) 3) Bachelor of...
  3. red152

    ATAR estimate please

    Subject | Rank | Trial Mark | No. of Band 6's in 2018, 2017, 2016. English Advanced | 26/48 | 64% | 16,18,9 Studies of Religion 1 | 14/44 | 94% | 22, 19, 6 Chemistry | 3/13 | 71% | 3, 3, 1 Physics | 1/27 | 84% | 8, 2, 1 Mathematics Extension 1 | 3/23 | 94% | 11, 5, 6 Mathematics - 97 last...
  4. red152

    Help - Hamlet

    Does Hamlet represent collective human experiences in any way?
  5. red152

    How to study English?

    I've performed quite poorly in English this year. I haven't put much effort into English, and I would say that I'm about average in advanced. I would really like to get a b6 in English, but my main fear is that it's already too late considering one's skill in English is developed over many years...
  6. red152

    Question - Help

    I don't know how to do this question, and I sometimes have trouble with similar questions to this. If someone could do this question and maybe give me a few tips on how to do these questions, the help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. red152

    Question - Help

    Q: How many non-similar triangles have angles whose degree measures are distinct positive integers in arithmetic progression? If someone could explain this, it would be very helpful. I have next to no idea what the question is even asking.
  8. red152

    Question - Help

    Use Simpson’s Rule with 5 function values to approximate the integral of (lnx)^2 between 9 and 1. Answer to 3 significant figures.
  9. red152

    anyone got year 10 motion and force questions?

    Anyone have y10 motion and force questions or know where I can find some
  10. red152


    i know this will seem like a dumb question, but i completely forgot how to do this. Simplify the expression cos24 - 2sin66
  11. red152

    Syllabus changes 2019 - question

    So I've heard that there have been syllabus changes for science, maths, and English courses starting 2019. I've chosen to do two science subjects, but apparently the syllabus changes are pretty big for science and I'm wondering how this is going to change the way me and other people studying...
  12. red152

    Question help

    A bacteria colony is growing at a rate of 20% per hour. If there are 10 000 bacteria now, use the compound interest formula to calculate how many there will be after 1 day. (Give your answer correct to the nearest 10 000.) Thx in advance
  13. red152

    Urgent help with essay

    I am greatly struggling to write this history essay. I don't understand what types of evidence I should use, and how to integrate this type of evidence. The question is 'Evaluate the impact of a chosen movement in the progression of rights and freedoms' This must include an analysis of THREE...
  14. red152

    Why is researching so hard

    I have been researching for hours and I've barely had anything to gain from it. I end up reading pages and pages of information and I don't seem to be getting any closer to finishing this essay I have to complete. I really need help, and any tips on how to research properly for history would be...
  15. red152

    What should I do in Year 10 to prepare for Year 11 and 12?

    Is there anything that I should be doing to prepare for year 11 and year 12? Also, is there anything I should not be wasting my time on in preparation for year 11 and 12?
  16. red152

    Best way to refine writing?

    I need to shorten and refine a speech I have to do next week, anybody got some tips for making it better?
  17. red152

    Help! Year 10 maths

    Could someone run me through this?
  18. red152

    Help y10 maths

    I don't know what I did wrong