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  1. Benovista

    Group Inteview...

    Got my coles group interview ...Ahhh its tomorrow and Im freaking out now! *hyperventilates*
  2. Benovista

    Security job

    A friend suggested I try and get a job as a security guard because i have a big build and its good money? Does anyone here do security? Is it dangerous? Good Money?
  3. Benovista

    Are checkouts that bad?

    Im gunna apply for a job at coles as I heard they need people on checkouts. Are they really that bad? What are the pros and cons?
  4. Benovista

    Tafe Results - how'd every1 go?

    Hey guys. How did everyone go in tafe last semester? i got 9 Distinctions Woo, 6 Credits and 4 passes *Woo* So I guess thats a Distinction Average... thats gotta sound good on a resume hehe. Im happy Ben
  5. Benovista

    Making a resume

    I wanna make a top notch new resume... any tips?
  6. Benovista

    Just wishing you all luck!

    I thought id just wish everyone doing the HSC the best of luck. My advise would be to no put so much pressure on yourselves! If I could go back and do it again I wouldnt listen to my teachers! They used too many scare tactics to make us study and made the HSC sound like it was the only chance we...
  7. Benovista

    Hows every1 going?

    Hows everyones Tafe courses going? Are you having fun? Finding it hard/easy? Im finding my course fun and challenging at the same time. I have 5 assignments due in a few weeks which is gunna be abit of a struggle to finish.
  8. Benovista

    Need a new job..

    Ive think ive already posted this before...(sorry) I need a new job urgently. Something that pays well and alows me to work wednesdays, sat , sun and some nights (thurs fri). I dont want a night fill job as im doing that now and i hate it. Id like somewhere in IT or computer job...
  9. Benovista

    Youth Allowence...

    Ive seen a few topics and ive seen the centrelink website but i hasnt really answered my questions. I want to apply to get youth allowence but i dont know if im able to get it . Im 18 doing tafe full time and im really struggling to balance my studies and my job as I work Nightshift. I...
  10. Benovista

    Jobs for weekend..

    Im doing tafe 4 days aweek now, normally 9-5 and I normally start my night fill job at 6pm. That doesnt leave me time to relax or do my tafe assignments. I want to get another job that pays good and lets me work on weekends only. Where should I look?
  11. Benovista

    deal or no deal

    theres a flash version of who wants to be a millionaire, i was wondering if theres a computer version of 'Deal or No Deal' I love the show and think it would be great to have a flash game version of it. Anyone seen it? Im sure it would be easy to make... one of you sdd nerds make one!
  12. Benovista

    Yay Im in!

    They rang me today to discuss my course. I had chosen something that needed cert III and I only had Cert II... I almost cried. It was because the Cert III part would have been covered in semester one. They dont explain this very clearly on the website!!!! Anyway they said I could only do it...
  13. Benovista

    GTA 4 San Andreas

    Screen Shot YAY Cant wait! I think its being released in October! Any thoughts?
  14. Benovista


    anyway renting? if so how much are you paying? And are you sharing or on your own?
  15. Benovista

    Semester Two

    im alittle confused about this. I want to start a tafe course and enrollments have opened up for Semester Two. Does this mean I can start the course from the beggining or do I have to have done Semester one? What courses can I start?
  16. Benovista


    Im concidering enrolling... Anyone go there or been there? If so, how did you find it and did you get a good job out of it?
  17. Benovista


    I just started to learn it. Its a bit challenging but im getting there. Does anyone else know it and/or do they know of any good resouces? Cheers, Ben.
  18. Benovista

    Who got a crap UAI? I did :(

    Ozseek promised me a 50> UAI and guess what i got!?!? 35.35 - ill be lucky if they let me walk past university with that score!!! Waste of a year goddam it!
  19. Benovista

    Renting is expensive!!

    How the hell am i going to afford to rent a unit/house ... id have to be earning atleast $500 a week to survive... I need to find a job first but im worried i still wont make enough... i dont wanna live at home forever
  20. Benovista

    Web Design / Development

    How do you break into the web design & development industry? Is there any non-uni courses you can do? Do you need to teach yourself everything? Ive been teaching myself bits and peices for 3 years but now that the HSC is over I want to get serious... I tried to do a diploma at tafe but...