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    BOS meet. This wed 12th august 12pm-2pm

    Last one was deemed successful.
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    BOS meet This Wed 12pm-2pm Manning Bar

    Any questions/Problems.
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    BOS meet Tues 17th of March 2009 (i.e. Tomorrow)

    Just had discussions with Rafy and we decided to host a BOS Meet tomorrow (tuesday). It shall be in Manning Bar. When you walk into the main bar part, we will be over in the corner diagonally opposite from the bar, where there are windows in the corner looking out onto the fields. (I dunno...
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    Offering Free Web Hosting

    if Any Bos'ers need free webhosting let me know.. I have my own server and can offer you cpanel n all that etc. However i only like to do domain hosting i dont offer subdomain webhosting.. So you need to provide your own domain name or you can purchase one through me.
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    Modifying Semester 2 Subjects..

    I tried doing it online, atfirst tried to drop a unit, it wouldn't let me. so i then tried to add a unit and drop a unit at the same time but it wouldn't drop it and would give me the error saying im over max credit points saying it was 30cp for semester and max is 28... but i only want to do...
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    How to access external sites?

    Yeah i set up the VPN etc on my laptop today and at uni today connected to the network and whatnot as your supposed to i used the "wireless" profile thing of the 3 that they give you etc and i can check the usyd site and what not, but umm how do i access normal sites in general like facebook or...
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    Anyone have the same difficult choice i have?

    I got a csp and dfee offer for the same course.. hmm which do i choose? sounds like such a hard decision! (Combined Commerce n Arts At USYD)
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    Problems accepting a usyd offer..

    I thought u could accept offer online but all i could find was what day and time i have to go in next week.. I thought a part of the enrolement was completed online?
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    Accepting an offer..

    I thought u could accept offer online but all i could find was what day and time i have to go in next week.. I thought a part of the enrolement was completed online?
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    Flexibility on order in which you do your subjects/units..

    Umm just a query i know i think that before you can start on your major you have to have completed the coreunits in your degree.. but for those that have flexibility offering space for like elective units and stuff, can you do those before your core units? Say for example i was doing a b com...
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    anyone going?
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    NO MORE LEGAL + Exam recap!

    Aah good job guys no more legal studies yay so happy. Good to finally be over.. Finally mastered how to talk about those optional focus studies things.. in the trial i wrote 3pages each for family and global environment and today i wrote 12pages and 10pages respectively! So very happy with my...
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    Aah i dont regret my use of yesterdays time now!

    Yesterday i spent a few hours mucking around online and thought uhoh i better do some business studies study.. bah... did about 2hours. then after dinner i thought i'd watch who wants to be a millionaire coz i thought it was only like 30mins or something then i'd do study.. then it went for hour...
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    Did somone say no more english??

    YAY!!!!! Coz i sure did! No. More. English. EVER! Aah what a relief, and what a waste of my past2weeks doing only english when i have a business studies exam tomorrow hmm. Questions were good! i thought easier then trial! So hopefully marks will be a bit higher :D I wrote 7pages for...
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    mixed feelings..

    Hmm doing this im like yay this is last time i have to ever put up with any of this journey b/s! But at the same time im like wow what a shame/waste of my time all the effort thats been put into reworking my aos essay etc.. and then on the other hand feelings of going uhhh lured into false...
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    so im on the mac now..

    got a few quick questions if anyone could help answer please. with photos that you import/add to iphoto, whats the easy way to get to them if your on msn and you want to send one to someone.. 2. in safari, is tabbed browsing possible, if so how? 3. in safari, is there a keyboard command...
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    wireless networks..

    what are the wireless networks like at most unis these days? I.e. unsw and usyd in particular?
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    bonus uai points for band 5/6's

    do i have to do anything about that or is all of that handled by uac etc?
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    How To Maximise Battery Usage?

    Hey im getting a macbook in the next couple of weeks. and i want your opinions on how to get the best battery life out of it in terms of the 6hours usage... not like with the ipod and after a year it only goes for 3h instead of 12.. Some people say you should let it run right down everytime...
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    how to "get into it"

    I know that once you "get into it" its very easy to just sit there and get a few hours of top-notch study done... but i find it very hard to "get into it". Anyone have any tips of how to "get into it" ??