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    ECON 1002

    that 6 people failed to answer the 1st, 11th and 12th question correctly. 6 people failed the mc section. but i don't see how you possibly could with all those free marks :rolleyes:
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    B Commerce

    is there an econometrics major? i don't see it on the list.
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    ECON 1002

    what happened? edit: bastard
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    CLAW1001 Thread

    ahhhh fuck rkn lecture notes alone will suffice in exams? i'm jsut hoping for a pass, nothing flash.
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    CLAW1001 Thread

    was that the one for week 4 and 5? about smoke ball and some other crap?
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    CLAW1001 Thread

    what's 'reading 7 and 8' that the exam notes are referring to? and are they available on bb? i've tried checking but didn't find anything. i havn't been to many lectures :|
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    Fuck You Ecmt

    aren't all marks subject to scaling anyways? edit: and i got 8.4 :/
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    Acct 1b

    xiao and yvonne: you guys owe me money for that hole i made in the wall with my head.
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    Semester 2 Timetable (2005)

    mine's alright i guess .. 16 hours with fridays off but i got a shitload of breaks
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    Semester 2 Timetable (2005)

    i kneeeeewww that ..... *flees*
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    Semester 2 Timetable (2005)

    the online changing is soo restrictive though.
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    Semester 2 Timetable (2005)

    also when are we able to change our timetables in person? my timetable is the shittest of the shit.
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    Semester 2 Timetable (2005)

    is there a way we can find out who lectures which stream? if i'm stuck with murray instead of tig for ecmt1020 .... *shudders*
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    Ecmt Exam

    a hee hee .....
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    Welcome back Tig confirm/deny

    dammit. missed it. i would have flashed my tits.
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    ECMT lecture notes on net

    thanks for that
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    What happens if you go over the word limit?

    they don't read/assess the extra words
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    ECON1001 Mid Semester Exam

    that's bs ...
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    ECON1001 Mid Semester Exam

    sooooo anyone got their marks back yet? stream 3 and still waiting ...
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    2005-Post your assessment/exam marks here.

    Relaaaaaxxxxx .............