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    Studying for Chemistry

    I am just doing past papers for chemistry. Is that all i should do or is there something else that i am missing out on?
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    Done with HSC :)

    Anyone finished HSC???
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    Modern History

    Anyone have "Assess the impact of tet offensive on anti - war movement" or " Assess the significance of the Tet Offensive in bringing about victory for the North Vietnamese in the Second Indochina War" essay plan that they would like to share. I can trade any other essay plan or notes as an...
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    Need Some Advise

    My time table is: Math adv on Monday (26th) Modern history on thursday (29th) PDHPE and Ext math on friday (30th) How should i split my time so i get enough study for all my exams. I am fairly confident for all my tests but not so much for history. Any suggestions?
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    Math Advanced

    How are you guys studying for Math advanced? I feel like i know the content but i am gonna mess up on the day. Any suggestions on what i should do?
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    Creative Piece

    How long should the creative be?
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    Short answers

    For the short answers, how many texts will they give. Is there a specific number of texts that they will ask?
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    Eliot- Journey of the Magi

    If the question in the exam asks for alienation and isolation, can we write about journey of the magi or is it better to write about another poem. What do you guys recommend?
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    English Advance

    I had a question regarding the time allowed in the test. Is the test 1 hour 40min with reading time or without reading time?
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    Maths advance questions

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    Advance Math HSC

    How much of year 11 probability do you guys think will come in the test because i am really weak at it.
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    Modern History - Indochina Essay Plans

    Anyone got Indochina essay plans? I will give Germany, Russia or Civil Rights notes as an exchange for the Indochina essay plans.
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    English Advance - Eliot

    I looked at past HSC papers for question that they ask about Eliot and I realised that they have already asked specifically about "The Hollow Men" and "Journey of The Magi", do you think they can ask specifically ask about one of those poems or is there a greater chance of them asking about...
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    Trials and HSC - Modern History

    Are modern history trials for every school the same coz thats what i was told from someone but i wanted to confirm. Secondly can question is history that appeared in trials come in the HSC. And lastly, can questions from last year HSC modern history come in this year modern history.
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    Please estimate my Atar

    Atar estimate: School: Cherrybrook Technology High School English (advance) rank: 128/239 Biology rank: 27/105 Physics Rank: 7/75 Chemistry rank: 11/89 Extension 1 Maths rank: 15/77 Extension 2 Maths Rank: 13/18