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    UNSW New BCom Structure

    Hey, I've got the same problem and honestly I think we're gonna have to start from scratch. The only subject I think we won't have to do is ACCT1511. I have contacted UNSW so we will see what their answer is
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    getting into unsw commerce with a lower atar?

    thank you for the long response btw! i looked on the credit transfer guide of unsw and found 6 out of 8 course codes from uts that match up with unsw. does that mean if they get approved, i will not have to repeat those courses??
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    pr and advertising ???

    i’ve been interested in marketing for the past year and i have considered combining commerce/business with public relations in university, however, i’m not sure whether i would suit pr.... the reason being is that i am horrible at creative writing and hsc english which i think is necessary in...
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    getting into unsw commerce with a lower atar?

    I’ve but the Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW as my first preference for 2020 but due to it’s ridiculously high ATAR guaranteed entry, I probably won’t get in so I was wondering whether a high 80s or low 90s could make it into this degree?? The lowest ATAR they took in last year was 87.95 but that...
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    PDHPE 2019

    I agree with everyone in saying 15) is D but isn’t 17) D because the lactic acid system needs at least 30 minutes minimum for the rate of recovery?