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    Double degree in law

    So I like science but also want to do law. Just wondering of career prospects/any benefits in doing med science/law and I want to work as a lawyer Is it pretty much just the same as if you do a normal law degree or are there any benefits lof med sci/law?
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    HELP!! Offers

    I applied for a few courses and got accepted in all 3. When I check my eStudent account all their statuses are admitted and I am unable to change them and I don't want to do the other 2. How do I change this??
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    What is this technique??

    "Thoughts running around me" is this an anthropomorphism or metaphor maybe???
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    Mod C reflection

    Hi so in your reflection do you also have to say that you incorporated specific techniques in your discursive because they were used/similar in your prescribed text or do you just have to link through the concept of the prescribed text and then just use whatever techniques you want??
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    2019 Hsc and 2020

    I've been going through the 2019 hsc past papers and I feel like it's really unlikely they are going to give us the same question for like the long responses like 12 markers etc. I've sorta been avoiding studying those areas in depth because I'm like it was in last years they wouldn't put the...
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    Mod C Persuasive

    How do you write a good persuasive? Also can't even think of anything to write it on that doesn't sound like it's written by a primary school student
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    How many texts should I be talking about in my reflection is it better to do 1 in detail or do 2?
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    VCE and HSC bands

    I'm on a uni website and roughly what would a VCE study score of 25 equate to in terms of HSC band?
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    Possible to get a good mark still?

    For business studies I did bad on my first 2 assessment tasks but got in the 90s for trials and came 1st for that, my rank is like 11/33 now. How much will my internal mark drag me down because I know I can do well in the HSC and hopefully get in the 90s but I feel like my internal will drag...
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    Just wondering how are ranks are calculated for subjects considering task weightings etc.?