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  1. Agnes2810

    Jodi Piccoult

    she is like the best writer! any1 read her books? the ones ive read are salem falls vanishing acts the pact i reccommend readin! :) :cool:
  2. Agnes2810

    Homebake '05

    hey.. cbf seein if this thread has been done or not.. but whos goin? i cant wait to c the living end and figg kidd haha :p :rolleyes:
  3. Agnes2810

    Sydney Graphics college

    im think im gonig therenext yr.. anyone heard of it? or gonig there?
  4. Agnes2810

    Ben Elton Books

    Im reading high society now... ive read dead famous... has any one else? :cool: has he got any other good books?
  5. Agnes2810

    Jessica - Bryce Courtney

    i thought since its comnig out on tv.. mite as well read the book!! ne1 read it?
  6. Agnes2810

    If u do IPT as well......

    if u do ipt and science you'll be fine is dis section!! :)
  7. Agnes2810

    IPT sukd ay!! i hated it..

    man i hated ipt last yr..... only 11 ppl in my class loli had the worst rank like 19/28 i think it was.... walked out after 1.5 hours.. n still managed to get 75 on my hsc mark..... so dont stress 2 much ppl ay.... i skippd so many q's i was suprised!! :)
  8. Agnes2810

    Angels & Demons...

    Another book by Dan brown... not as good as the da vinci code.. what do u guys think....
  9. Agnes2810

    Dis Wuz Easy As Last Yr

    yeah this subject was sooo easy last year.. 3 hour exam .. most of the ppl doin dis subject (30 or so) walked o out adfter an hour n a half.. dis was after checking over.... hope they dont realise this and make it harder for u guys ;) :) good luck xo
  10. Agnes2810


    man u guys r soooo lucky!! every time some one says change, or perspective, it brings back hsc memories!! aaarghhh :chainsaw: die looking for alibrandi :chainsaw: die!!
  11. Agnes2810

    Business (Advertising) @ ultimo

    ne1 doin it?.. i got in. yay lol
  12. Agnes2810

    i bet no one did POLISH continuers!!

    it was the easiest exam ever!!!!! :P
  13. Agnes2810

    EASY?? am i da only 1 who thought it was hard???

    are u guys seriouis u thought it was easy.. and dat u ran out of time? i must have missed something then!! i walked out with half an hour to fo i'd finished and i thought the options were hard and some of the multiple choice!!:chainsaw:
  14. Agnes2810

    Not the Bachelor - THE BACHELORETTE!!

    ^ starts soon!! should be interesting huh!! the guys will just be all tough and wen they get rejected they will be like oh well.
  15. Agnes2810

    WHO cant wait 4 the MTV music awards ! ? !

    i cant! hehe i love my music....!
  16. Agnes2810

    SPACE SCIENCE: pls help me out guys..

    hey guys im just studying the syllabus and writing the answers for each, and ive done everyhting else but space science because we didnt spend enough time at skool doing it, n i dont hav good notes i was wondering if anyone had any links for any sites for space, or maybe if u put ur...
  17. Agnes2810

    BA of Arts/BA of Commerce

    hey guys please tell me what dis course is like.. if u do it.. :p does that make sense.. :rolleyes: just about what subjects there are and things like that..
  18. Agnes2810

    Real estate to get there..

    iv been thinking of doin real estate.. and i know tafe is probably the best option,, but is there aany uni courses for it? wat do employers look for most.. practical knowledge from tafe or wat education... (i'm probably asking a stupid question but i havent looked into it much only started...
  19. Agnes2810

    AMERICAN PIE: The wedding

    haha da best movie!!!! i reckon its heaps better then american pie 2..that was a flop! haha
  20. Agnes2810

    TRIALS monday AAAAAH!!

    :( lol :rolleyes: