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    HSC Biology Predictions / Thoughts

    Bio solutions are out :O
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    Normanhurst Test Preparation

    You have to sit the HAST right? There are some tips here: Good luck!
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    loose leaf or exercise books for these subjects

    I used to type notes, but I just found myself not really thinking about what I was typing but just brainlessly churning out words. Whereas when I write (first in exercise book and then loose-leaf notes), I genuinely think about what I'm jotting down and I end up retain information much more...
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    Should I write digital notes?! 🧐

    LOL worry not proud Samsung user since my first smartphone 😂 I have a 5yo Mac Air but it's slowly dying on me and I need a new something anyways, so tossing up what to get. The iPad is on the top of my list because I draw too and I want Procreate.
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    Should I write digital notes?! 🧐

    I'm also looking at going to digital handwritten notes! I normally handwrite, but it's just been getting really annoying because I'd be out and about and if I didn't bring a certain binder to school than I wouldn't be able to study that subject even if I was suddenly super motivated. I'm just...
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    SLEEP! If you're forcing yourself to stay away, then you're not productively taking in any information anyways. On top of that, if the exam is the next day then you're going to be legit brain dead in the exam. Simple things that you probably would've remembered the before might slip your brain...
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    Exam paranoia

    One big thing is to just accept that there's not really anything you can do about what's happened in the exam. If your friends are the type that encourages calculating marks and talking about questions and stuff after the exam, then stay away from them after the exam. I always have such a good...
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    Study Tips for Remote Study/Self Isolation

    Super helpful! Bookmarked!
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    Maxwell Education Experiences?

    I actually recently started seeing paid ads for Maxwell popping up on my Facebook, but before that, I'd never heard of them either. Their success rates are probs higher than Matrix because they have fewer students (like how The Con shot up the 2nd place in the HSC last year). Some of the peers...
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    Study Tips for Remote Study/Self Isolation

    How's everybody doing with at home study? I think I got better in the holidays because I was just soooo bored that I ended up writing some notes LOL. There's only so much Netflix I can binge, and honestly it's so weird, but it's less enjoyable now that I'm home all the time and it's so...
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    Study Tips for Remote Study/Self Isolation

    Same!! I just can't focus at home because I normally study outside (library/cafes). If I used app blocking stuff, I find myself just wandering around looking for snacks. Then I pick up a book or something as a form of procrastination that doesn't make me feel trash about myself 😂
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    Study Tips for Remote Study/Self Isolation

    Hey all, since the current state of things seems to be looming closer and closer to a full lockdown (and many of us will probably have to start studying at home), I thought it'd be a good time to start a thread on any tips/suggestions/stories on your learning experience from home. Feel free to...
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    Prelim HSC Past Papers

    This is a good place for past papers 😊
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    Should we have to do english?

    I think it's something along the lines of curating the following skills: Critical thinking Essay writing Articulation skills Being able to form your own ideas that have no right answer (doesn't really happen in STEM subjects since there's normally only 1 right answer) and the being able to...
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    I reaalllly struggled with science too for ages, but I realised it's because I didn't put work in because I knew I sucked at it and then I just got more behind and it became a vicious cycle. First thing I think you should do is look at the syllabus - everything you'll need for exams is from the...
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    How do i Improve for english

    I think one thing to do when you read the text is to find a theme/idea that resonates with you. Of course your English teacher will probably talk about some overarching themes in class and you can write about that, but unless you truly understand and agree with those ideas, your essay is...
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    Feel Like I Cant Engage With Anything?

    I relate to this!! I really struggle reading textbooks and anything that's longer than like 3 pages really. It takes me ages to write notes from large chunks of text. I used to read line by line and I felt like everything was super important so I almost ended up copying things word for word and...
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    motivation to study?

    I think one of the biggest motivators is finding something you're passionate about. For me, it didn't even have to be within the subject specifically. I love making pretty and neat notes, so I eventually gained motivation to always handwrite my notes as it let me be creative and use my huge...
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    Free Seminars for Year 10

    Yeah Matrix does free seminars for Year 10, I went to one for subject selections and an English one - defs would recommend!! No clue when the next ones are but if your sister is interested in going to more:
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    loose leaf or exercise books for these subjects

    I use both. Generally I take notes in an exercise book/bring exercise books to school. Then I handwrite my revision notes into loose leaf. This works for me as the loose-leaf notes will be condensed and more like portable cheat sheets. I put the loose-leafs all in one binder and bring it around...