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    Students ditching science in droves

    If that's true it certainly didn't apply to my school. Around 250 people did bio and 100 did senior science (and I know that the people doing SS weren't doing bio because most of them dropped into ss from bio) and that's 75% of the year 12 cohort right there. I like science because it's easy to...
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    How did your parents react to your marks?

    My mum was more excited then I was, she shook me awake at 6:30 because she wanted to know the marks literally whooped when she saw. My dad asked me to email him a screen shot an hour later and seemed quite stunned about it. My 88 is proof that your SC most certainly does not define the rest of...
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    Share your 2011 HSC results here

    Ancient history:90 Biology:84 Standard English:81 Senior Science:92 Studies of Religion 2:82 Entertainment Industry:86 Wooo!
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    SAM's accuracy?

    Yeah i had the same problem. My marks ranged from 81-92 and it spat out 99.45! There is no way could I ever get a 99.45 for anything!
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    Related texts for belonging

    have you read "the lost thing"? its a beautiful picture book about individuality, and it covers belonging to place and the effects of belonging and not belonging. It was also adapted into a 15 minute short film which won an oscar. If you can find it it would make an ideal related text. Its also...
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    Yeah, K-mart should have a rack of posters in the stationary section, though most are movie...

    Yeah, K-mart should have a rack of posters in the stationary section, though most are movie posters, cartoon posters and other tweenage junk. I found the dalek sandwitched between a transformers poster and twightlight one (blerk!) so you'll probably have to hunt for it. They're pricy, but well...
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    Thanks for the rep, have you tried K-mart? that's where I got mine :)

    Thanks for the rep, have you tried K-mart? that's where I got mine :)
  8. lockedbox scam; formals cancelled at last minute

    I have a perfectly good sense of humour. I just reserve it for special occasions.
  9. lockedbox scam; formals cancelled at last minute

    Everyone saw what he did, we just didn't comment on it because it wasn't funny.
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    Things that makes you feel good

    achieving something that's productive/constructive (I have motivation issues), Finding like minded people, doing creative things.
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    13 yr old pedofiles?

    Because a thirteen year old kid cannot fully understand the possible consequences of her actions, is below the legal age of consent and is not fully sexually developed. A thirty year old woman understands the possible consequences of her actions, is at the legal age of consent and is sexually...
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    lack of energy

    Actually, i really wouldn't reccomend it in this case. The pill, depending on what brand, also affects the mucus membranes in the lungs and the chemical ballance of a persons skin. If you have bad asthma you shouldn't take the pill, and there is a chance that taking the pill could make muhaha's...
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    lack of energy

    Have you considered loosing some weight? I don't mean to be rude or imply that your fat or anything but when I lost some weight I felt a thousand times more energetic than before. Also, you should drink lots and lots of water, about 3 litres of fluid spread over the course of each day and try to...
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    Sources for the eruption of Vesuvius

    I meant everyone inside the city, those that escaped didn't leave remains which could be used as archaeological sources.
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    Sources for the eruption of Vesuvius

    Pliny the younger is the primary source. Google him and you will find plenty of sites who host complete translations of his work. As for the effect, well, everybody dies? in all seriousness, the eruption blotted out the sun, rained thousands of tonnes of granite and pumice stone down on the...
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    General Thoughts: Senior Science

    It was easy as pie, the hardest part was the 8 marker on biodevices, the rest was cake. The space science option was a walk in the park, but I wasn't completely sure about the voyager probe question as I know nothing about the voyager probe. I just made up stuff about how it photographed the...
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    Raw mark guestimate?

    Pretty high I'd say. My assessment mark is 93 and this was a pretty easy paper so I'd say a bare minimum of 85, but more likely to be up in the 90's
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    What is the best plan for a new Iphone user?

    A few days ago my dad got a pair of free Iphones from a company he worked for and gave me one. Its a 16 gig Iphone 3 running on IOS 5 and it currently has no simcard, so its just a glorified Ipod touch right now. What I'd like to know is, what is the best plan for an Iphone user and why? I've...
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    iPhone/iPod Touch App Recommendations

    I'd recommend tiny tower with is a fun little game reminiscent of the old maxis sim series and another game called Osmos, which is a little more expensive than most apps but it is an incredibly addictive and fun game, with nifty graphics and music to boot. Edit: oh and get oregon trail, its not...
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    What OS are you currently using?

    Mac os X 10.6.8 (snow leopard) with intel core duo