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    Study Notes or Exam Questions?

    So my trials are beginning at the end of July and I'm trying to figure out the best way to be prepared for them. There are many topics of my subjects which i have not completed study notes for. I'm wondering what people think is more effective, trying to finish the study notes for all my...
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    CSU at Bathurst!!

    Anyone else planning/aiming to go to CSU at Bathurst?? Just thought i'd start a general discussion to see whose going and what course people want to study :D :D :D
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    CSU accomodation at Bathurst

    I'm currently in year 12, i live 3 hours away from Bathurst and am pretty sure at this point that i want to go to CSU in 2016 to do nursing/paramedics. but i have a few questions about the accommodation. 1. What is each residence like? And which is the cheapest? 2. Is there any accommodation...