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    Post your 2015 ATAR here!

    79.40 - Disappointed as after receiving my HSC results I wanted 80.00, basically thats what I wanted all year the 82.50 was just a goal to strive for. - But I received main and late round offers to UC for Law/Pol and Int Relations, UND for Law/Arts and UOW for Law/Arts, with required ATARS...
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    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    See signature.. Only disappointed for Standard English which would've pulled my atar below 80.00 I was over the moon with legal, If I received maybe a 77 for STD ENG, 83 for GEO, 82 for SOR I wouldve been complete!
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    Can i accept multiple offers

    You get an offer each round... I just went with early entry... it depends if you want to do law now or not? I was planning to do law at Notre Dame, and try and transfer to Macquarie, however I recieved a late round offer to UOW for Law/Arts so I took it! I'd say if you're set on studying at...
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    Opinions on goal atar

    *Chime* but totally agreeing with Swagmeister here... Set goals, be motivated and strive towards them. Aim to improve, and enjoy your work. If you don't you'll find it a whole lot harder. Just remember, as hard as it may seem there may be more to life than a 99.6 ATAR! I got 10 off the...
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    UOW Chatter Thread

    Hey Guys! 1st Year Bachelor of Arts / Laws Really looking forward to O-Week tbh!
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    Interview Process Law Notre Dame Early Entry Preparation Help

    I got in eventually. Turned down commerce/arts for law, got an email two days ago... just need to figure out where i study now lol
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    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT EXAM. I didnt study for transnational - (young offenders and law reform I spent ages on) MC Was Fecked and the 25 MARKERS HOLY FECK
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    Thoughts on the 2015 HSC

    Pompeii and Herculaneum = 20-25/25 (Great Section) Mycenaean Society = 18-23/25 (The 3 Marker Threw me off) Cleopatra VII = 18-22/25 (Not amazing at essays but great questions) Fall of the Republic = 18-22/25 (Again not amazing at essay but caesar's role in the fotr was fookin mint) Predicted =...
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    Thoughts on the 2015 HSC

    I was not expecting that to be so easy! Like the questions were so easy and straightforward, unlike the previous HSC's
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    Paper 2 - Modules (those doing WILFRED OWEN)

    Dulce and Strange Meeting was where it's at, #privategpssydneyschoollol
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    Bruv, standard english?
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    I used to write tiny like minimum of 10-14 words per line I reckon I wrote 6-12 words per line Lot larger,
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    Well for my Trials I got 76/105 (P1 33/45, P2 43/60) (Rank=13/122) (Moderated Mark = 80%) Aiming for about a band 5, sitting on 77 atm
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    Yeah same with you mate, but I thought I still did well
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    Section I = 6 Pages Section II = 5.5 Pages Section III = 5 Pages
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    Well, thats english for everyone now! How'd everyone go? Honestly, I thought Paper 2 was amazing, never walked out of an exam so happy in my life!
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    Using different coloured pens in discovery creative writing for impact?

    I'm writing a creative that shifts around a bit, what Im doing is: Bla bla bla bla * * * bla bla bla bla (*** = A shift in time)
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    Early Admission 2016

    I dont think I'll even bother with my time at UOW, the c**ts made me travel 4 hours, as I wanted to illustrate my determination to study and only offer me arts, even though I had an interview for Law/Arts and Law
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    Early Admission 2016

    Wollongong can go f**k itself.
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    Early Admission 2016

    Really? Sick Did you apply for a commerce degree or a double degree? I got a notification for a bachelor of arts, but I applied for a Bachelor of Laws / Arts and Bachelor of Laws