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    Accounting/Business Online Tutor

    So I am writing a report currently and just need someone to proof read/checking structure/offering pointers. Am happy to discuss price. Please let me know.
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    Medicine Entry

    So I really want to become a doctor, I have found out only in the past yr. I completed high school in 2014 (with only a 79 ATAR). Does anyone know of any medicine programs that have mature age entry that doesn't include ATAR? Or an undergraduate degree that leads to the Doctor of Medicine? I...
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    Accounting Cadetships!

    Hi! Are accounting cadetships actually worth it? I know they give valuable experience but it would take me an extra two years to complete uni if I was to do one. And are you required to stay on in the company you do a cadetship for? Or can you apply for grad jobs elsewhere upon completion...
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    Hiya! So I am very interested in working in Forensics. I know that this is super competitive with limited jobs after graduation. So my question is, should I still study it? Or is it better to do something else? Or if I study it, would it be best to do a double degree such as a Bachelor of...
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    Bridging Courses

    Anyone know a Chemistry bridging course equivalent to the HSC Chemistry one? Its the only thing stopping me applying for most medicine degrees. I'm struggling to find one equivalent so please help!
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    Should I do a PR degree?

    I am interested in working in PR, I am just curious, is it an incredibly hard field to get into? Is it worth doing a PR degree? Is it better to do a double degree with PR and something else? Would love all insights into this career :D
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    Accounting Majors

    Hi all! So I’m part way through my accounting degree. If I choose to major in a certain field such as auditing, will this limit my job prospects after graduation? Or can I still do other jobs that I didn’t major in? Because I’m still unsure what type of Accountant I actually want to be.
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    Thoughts on Nursing Degrees?

    Hi everyone!! So i have two questions, I'd love opinions so feel free to answer one or both! - Is nursing a worthwhile degree these days? All I am hearing are stories of students who can't get jobs because they missed out on grad spots and there are way too many nursing graduates each year...
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    Best Undergrad Degree?

    Hi! I want to study Medicine but first I need to study an Undergrad degree. What undergrad degree is best if you want a future in Medicine? Is it a good idea to study Nursing? Paramedicine? I am trying to stay away from strictly Science degrees as I'd like to be able to fall back on my...
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    Is UWS a good uni for nursing students??

    HI! So I am looking at studying a Nursing degree at the UWS Parramatta campus and would love peoples opinions on the uni/campus/degree etc. As I know the reputation that UWS so I am a little hesitant to go there. TIA :)
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    Corporatism - please help

    Corporatism claims thay society is only superficially based on individuals and democracy and that real power is held by special interest groups? Yes or no? And why? Pleaseeeee help me
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    What course you doing next year?

    So what uni and course are you all hoping to do next year?
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    Venn Diagrams

    53 students were interviewed and asked about their attendance at tutorial and MaSH sessions in the previous week. Their responses are summarised below: 31 students attended a MaSH session but did not go to a tutorial 104 students attended a tutorial 69 students attended a tutorial but did...
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    Hi! I require some urgent help in economics, does anyone offer tutoring via email or such? Would be greatly appreciated.
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    How many?

    Just wondering what's a good number of society/sporting/social clubs to join? I've found 4 I'm really interested in however I'm not sure if this is too many to have with study and a job as such. Or could it work as I think one of thems like a fortnightly thing? I dunno. Opinions?
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    How can I meet people going to my uni beforehand? I don't move there until a day before oweek and I know no one and I can't seem to find anyone going to the same uni as me. Please help guys?
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    Anyone off to the university of Canberra, anyone at all??
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    So I filled out the form as part of enrolling but then what? How do I check my balance? Or how do I even know its worked? And where do you make repayments? I'm so confused
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    do we?

    Do we have to enroll before OWeek? Or can we do it then if they have enrollment help sessions?
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    Anyone off to Canberra uni next year? I don't know anyone else going there