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  1. lyounamu

    US Exchange (which one to go?)

    Hey guys. I am interested in the prospect of going to USA for exchange sometime next year or the year after. Here are the universities that UNSW has as partners: NYU UCLA University of North Carolina University of California - Berkeley UPenn University of Texas, Austin I know that there...
  2. lyounamu

    Looking for experienced Chem Tutor in North Shore/North-west Area

    I have a friend who wants to have Prelim Chemistry tutoring. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who is experienced Chem tutor. She/he must be in North Shore Area or North-West down to Strathfield. If you are that someone, or know anyone, email me at lyoo01@yahoo.com.au or text...
  3. lyounamu

    Review, Review REVIEW (on maths tutoring)!

    Hey guys. I just want to hear about your opinions on different tutoring college - MATRIX, PRIOR, DUX, Truongs, DU, Harry's, and/or Talent 100. I want to know general price pace of the teaching pros cons quality of the staff/teaching Thank you! (it's for my past student who cannot have me...
  4. lyounamu

    EASTER SHOW Activities

    Are there any good Easter Show activities that you guys recommend? :) I just had a look at the timetable of events but there are so many!
  5. lyounamu

    Should I undertake First Aid/RSA/RCG courses to improve resume?

    Hey, fellow awesome BoSers. I am considering to undertake First Aid/RSA (responsible service of alcohol)/RCG (responsible conduct of gambling) courses to improve my resume little bit. I am fairly sure that undertaking First Aid course would be very beneficial to me in alot of ways in general...
  6. lyounamu

    HECS confusion

    If I say that I will pay upfront and don't end up paying it...does that automatically go to HECs?
  7. lyounamu

    Which clubs did you join?

    I joined: Anime Club Korean Society Business Society Economics Society World Vision Amnesty International AISEC Actuarial Society Investment club Banking + Finance Club FMAA yay
  8. lyounamu

    18/19th formal birthday party idea

    I am holding a possible joint birthday party with my friend who is turning 18 (and I am turning 19). I am thinking of holding a formal/semi-formal style birthday party but I have some problems with venue hire and events organisation... Can anyone help me? P.S. Let's say the budget is around...
  9. lyounamu

    Extra studying apart from Uni commitments

    Seeing that I only have to attend uni for like 15 hours per week, I have a vast amount of time in my hand. I know that I will have to invest all that free time into studying, socilising and whatnot, I am interested in other studying options which will help me broaden my career horizon. I am...
  10. lyounamu

    Looking for a high-achieving English tutor

    I am looking for Adv English tutor for the following texts: term 1 : frankenstein and blade runner term 2: the justice game term 3: hamlet & Belonging. Contact number is 0434311661 or give me your private message here or email to lyoo01@yahoo.com.au I am willing to pay good price...
  11. lyounamu

    Some confusions about Commerce/Science - Actuarial Studies + Maths + Stats

    Hey, I have some confusions about Science/Commerce course where you can do Actuarial Studies with double majors in Maths + Stats. I looked at the Science degree component and according to the website, I need to have completed MATH1131 or MATH1141 or other maths to satisfactorily achieve major...
  12. lyounamu

    Money-saving tips?

    What are some of the money-saving tips for uni students? At the rate I am getting my income and spending my money, even with my scholarship + job, I will always run out of money haha... so what kind of money-saving tips are there?
  13. lyounamu

    Uni clubs & societies

    Are you part of any university clubs & societies? What did you join and how many? =)
  14. lyounamu

    Actuarial Coop

    Can you finish the 2nd part of Actuarial Exemption via Actuarial Coop program? I was checking the program out for Actuarial Coop but I cannot see anywhere where it says that you can complete both exemptions.
  15. lyounamu

    Diploma of Language (Introductory Japanese A)

    I wish to undertake this course on top of Commerce (Actuarial Studies)/Science (Mathematics & Statistics). When do I have to apply for this? Thanks in advance :o
  16. lyounamu

    TIPS for writing notes

    I have heard how crucial it is to take notes during lectures + tutorials at uni. So what are some good tips when it comes to writing notes? Thanks in advance
  17. lyounamu

    Commerce/Science timetable

    What is the timetable like? I know that you can change your timetable according to your own preference but I would like a brief overview of the first year commerce/science timetable. Thanks =)
  18. lyounamu

    How can we calculate uni fee?

    Is it possible to calculate uni fee at all?
  19. lyounamu

    Who is going to UNSW?

    ^refer to above
  20. lyounamu

    Commerce (Liberal Studies) at UNSW

    UNSW Handbook on Commerce (Liberal Studies): UNSW Handbook Program - Commerce (Liberal Studies) - 3539 Hey, I just checked out this particular course at UNSW through UNSW Handbook and I got some information on that but I would like some stuff clarified if possible. I looked at the course...