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    Cafs help urgent!

    Hey folks, I hope everyone is keeping well. I was just wondering if someone could please possibly help me with my CAFS assessment. It is on parenting and caring and it is a hand-in media review task. I was just wondering if someone could give marks to my responses based upon the...
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    Social sciences at Western Sydney

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has done a social sciences degree at Western Sydney University please? I would like to hear about it and check whether it would be a good course to do for high employment prospects? What is the course like in general? I would love to know as it will...
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    Yeats essay HELP

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there any English Advanced experts who can help me to break down and simplify the following question for a Yeats' essay please, " "In your view, how does Yeats’ portrayal of the complex nature of inspiration contribute to the enduring value of his poetry?"...
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    Does anybody have notes?

    Hey guys, can somebody please provide me some notes on resource management and its influences( preliminary core 1 ) pls?????
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    Religion is a dynamic living reality. Could someone pls clarify this for me?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any SOR 1 students could help me to understand what it means when it is said that religion is a dynamic living reality? Could I please have it explained word by word and in very simple language with detail. It would be of great help. Kind regards...