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    NESA Casio calculator ban debacle

    NESA recently announced that the Casio FX 100 AU and 100 AU PLUS will be banned for the new syllabus: "The Casio fx-100AU and Casio fx-100AU PLUS models will not be approved for use in NSW HSC examinations after 2019." from...
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    Terry Lee's solutions

    The hsccoaching.com was shut down. But there is a new website now called http://extension2.com ( a mirror of which is also at http://advancedmathematics.com.au ) There you can get the 2018 HSC solutions for Extension 1 at http://extension2.com/Resources/2018 Ext1.pdf (or alternative link...
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    Terry Lee's solutions

    When the hsccoaching.com website was shut down it was thought incorrectly by many that Terry Lee has stopped doing solutions. In fact what happened was that he retired and started a new website http://extension2.com ( a mirror of which is at http://advancedmathematics.com.au ) . So there are...
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    Putnam 2018

    Try it: https://kskedlaya.org/putnam-archive/2018.pdf
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    itute solutions

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    itute solutions

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    itute solutions

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    itute solutions

    itute.com have published solutions to the general 2 here http://www.itute.com/wp-content/uploads/2018-NSW-ESA-Mathematics-General-2-Solutions.pdf They will put up solutions to the 2u, ext1 and ext2 later too at http://www.itute.com/download-free-vce-maths-resources/free-maths-exams/
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    Second Australian wins Fields Medal

    Akshay Venkatesh has won a 2018 Fields Medal making him only the second Australian to do so. The first was Terence Tao in 2006. Here are some articles on it: SMH: https://www.smh.com.au/national/aussie-genius-who-started-university-at-12-wins-nobel-prize-of-maths-20180801-p4zuuy.html The...
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    School stuff-up forces all students to resit chemistry paper

    A school has used a past paper as an assessment which was already available to students prior to the exam. So they had to resit it: https://www.smh.com.au/education/exam-fail-hsc-students-resit-test-after-school-s-paper-blunder-20180725-p4ztj1.html
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    Imo 2018

    Here is the 2018 IMO:
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    HSC Study Guide 2018

    The 2018 HSC Study Guide is online now. Here is the maths part, but it also has links to the other subjects too: https://hsc-study-guide-2018.smh.com.au/plan-success-before-during-exam/
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    Australian uses heat map to discover secret US military bases

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    Eddie Woo to give 2018 Australia Day Address

    Maths teacher Eddie Woo will give the 2018 Australia Day Address. It will be on tv on ABC News 24 at 11.30pm on 23rd January, 2018 if you are interested. (or live stream on facebook at 12:30pm at https://www.facebook.com/AustraliaDay26 ) Official Announcement...
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    Try the Putnam 2017

    Here is Putnam 2017. Try it: http://4unitmaths.com/putnam2017.pdf
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    Terry Lee's solutions

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    itute solutions

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    itute solutions

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    Terry Lee's solutions

    Here are Terry Lee's solutions: http://hsccoaching.com/Resources/2017%20Ext2.pdf
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    Trigonometry discovered to have come from Babylonians 1500 years before the Greeks

    The origins of trigonometry is usually attributed to Hipparchus. Two mathematicians from UNSW have discovered that trigonometry came from Babylonians 1500 years earlier. Here is The Telegraph article on it...