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  1. J

    Master of Business Law......ANYONE????????

    I will be doing MBL in July 2012, anyone did it before or plan to take this course? thanks...... i am kinda lost,
  2. J

    【【【【***how's ur ACCG253 MID RESULT?***】】】

    anyone found it hard? but the average is quite high, my tutor told us it was 56, i think. btw i got 60/80. the highest was 78/80, what a goody, :chainsaw:
  3. J

    【【【【busl 301===5% tute exam???】】】】

    anyone doing busl301 for this semester? got any ideas how the coming up tute exam 5% gonna like? others say it may based on oral presentation or totally some cases need to write? but no one from last,last semesters said it was easy.........
  4. J

    ******HI GUYS, anyone doing BLAW250 final REPORT this year??? LET'S DISCUSS TOGETHER

    first case: 2 actions second case: mr. gable has the full legal right against fraud 'VC' third case: NO IDEA AT ALL fourth case: apply joint tenancy, is there an unity of possession on sally?
  5. J

    【【【how's your blaw mid exam marks?? Passed?】】】

  6. J

    #####ANYONE doing ISYS114 this term??? have u start the assignment 1 yet????#####

    i used to attend tuesday evening calss, now i decided to go the monday day calss, do u guys found the tuts useful? btw whos ur tutor name?:blah::blah:
  7. J

    【【ALL BIGW CREW,frm MQ centre, i'll hv a gp. interv. in 30th , who else?】】

    another question: it's my 20th age, what's the pay rate in BIGW? anyone currently working in BIGW anywhere or in MQ shopping centre? i got a group interview end of june, :ninja: anyone who leave a message, WILLLLLLLL be send a trad. chinese KISS from a trad. chinese BOY, not fancy about...