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    help for electromag please!!!

    why is the answer D - bc of eddy currents? does A not affect the motion? what exactly does a stronger magnet entail - more field lines?
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    maintaining ranks and results from year 11

    hi guys! i just completed my first set of year 12 internal exams yesterday and to be honest...i feel like i definitely underperformed compared to year 11. i don't know what to do or how to feel - i'm so scared about all the 'what if's; if i fell way below my previous estimate, if i won't be...
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    dodgy internal ranks - four first places????

    theoretically, is there a high likelihood of having 4 equal first-places for the internal ranks? 2 people actually got full marks but the other two had their marks "scaled up" (not sure how on earth this happened, but it did...is this even possible, when they actually lost several marks)...
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    HELP: wrote outside the corners of the page border?

    hey guys! feeling a little paranoid right now - would there be any issues if I wrote outside the border/corners of a HSC paper? would what I wrote still be read by the examiners? any clarification would be appreciated!
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    failed prelim ext1 maths exam?

    a couple of days ago, we had our prelim ext1 maths exam the test was easier than what i expected but i ended up running out of time (bc the teachers made it longer than usual) I've already lost quite a few marks which i'm quite bummed about, considering i did start doing past papers ~1 month...
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    Accuracy in Red Blood Cell Prac

    Hi guys, For the practical about estimating the size of red blood cells (by counting the number of RBC along a diameter of the field of view), is it accurate? The method definitely has a high limit of accuracy (estimation) but my experimental value was close to the true value of 6 to 8...
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    Year 11 2018 - How to prepare??

    Hi everyone! I'll be in Year 11 next year at a top selective school. I've been feeling pretty daunted so I wanted to know how I could prepare in the summer holidays to confidently enter Year 11! I've chosen the following prelim subjects: 3U Maths 3U English Chem Bio Physics Ag Any...
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    How to study for the new science syllabuses?

    Hi all! I'll be in Year 11 next year, which means that I'll be doing the new syllabuses for my science subjects (chemistry, biology, physics). What resources do I use? Which textbooks? How do I prepare in the summer holidays? Also, do you guys recommend any science tutoring centres? I'd love...
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    Year 10 Subject Selection: Physics vs Eco

    Hi all! We've already chosen our subjects for Year 11 a few months ago but next week, we have a chance to switch subjects. I originally chose Economics but now I'm having second thoughts, as I'm not a huge fan of essays or commerce right now. My other subjects are: 3U Maths 3U English...
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    Quick geography survey about Kellyville and Pyrmont!

    Hi everyone! This is a quick survey about housing developments in Kellyville and Pyrmont for my school geography project. It'll be great if you could spare a couple of minutes to fill it out. :) Thanks guys! https://goo.gl/forms/QOth1bCZ5VryfSAn2