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  1. Atlas

    Multiple Choice tests - what's the most number of options given?

    Just wanted to know if anyone has ever had a multiple choice with more choices than A-L?
  2. Atlas

    Macquarie Open Day

    Who went? What freebies did you pick up? What lectures did you go to?
  3. Atlas

    Who's going to the Business and Economics Information Evening at Macquarie?

    Just wanted to find out who else is going to the Business and Economics Information Evening at Macquarie University on the 16th August? (http://www.mq.edu.au/pubstatic/events/2011/08/16/business_and_economics-information_evening/) Who are you going with and are you going to bring questions...
  4. Atlas

    Best freebie from O-Week/Diversity Week/Career Fairs etc?

    So we've all taken the pens, paper pads, lollies, pointless frisbies and junk - but what's the best (or worse) freebie you have taken?
  5. Atlas

    What is the best freebie you have ever received?

    Okay, so most uni students have gone to Open Days, Career Fairs etc etc... and received bags and bags of freebies from universities, companies, student societies and maybe even random strangers. What's the best one you got? ... And I suppose I may as well ask - which was the worst? (mine...
  6. Atlas

    Textlist - not up yet?

    Last time I checked the text list for semester 1 isn't up yet - generally when does it go up? And why yes, I'm going to be a studious keen student because failing sucks.
  7. Atlas

    Is a GPA of 3.25 good enough to be allowed to do 15 CP a semester?

    I failed a unit last semester and I want to redo it in the first semester but my total will be 15 CP, would a GPA of 3.25 be good enough for them to allow it?
  8. Atlas

    Law Electives: Any advice/warnings?

    Considering doing the following units and would like any advice or warning (those blurbs on the mq site are often criminally deceptive); LAW407: Labour Law LAW428: Trade Practices Law LAW429: Information Technology Law LAW503: Taxation Law: LAW521: Health Law and Ethics LAW402: Family Law...
  9. Atlas

    Law students: do you think about quitting law?

    Just wondering, do you think about quitting law? What ultimately makes you not quit law and keep at it? What happens if you actually quit - will it become some haunting shadow?
  10. Atlas

    Law students - any views on the now belonging to the Arts Faculty?

    Predictably, some may be saying it doesn't really make a difference... personally - W6A is a lot further to run than W3A- really want our old submission boxes back which were a lot clearer than the new ones Anyone of the view that the law school has possibly lost some prestige after the...
  11. Atlas

    Russian Roulette - getting a good tutor/lecturer is a game of chance

    So as exams rears its ugly heads in our direction, for some of us we begin to question what we have learned so far... and the answer often depends on obviously your own personal effort, but also on the quality of teaching and the sanity of the unit and its structure/material... Unfortunately...
  12. Atlas

    What do you like/love about Mq?

    The previous thread of "What do you hate about Mq?" showed that there was some substantial :burn: ... So, just wondering whether there's any :rofl:? To start the ball rolling; - the students; generally, are very friendly and helpful and if you ask them nicely they will let you go in front of...
  13. Atlas

    Stereotypes of students from different faculties

    Firstly; this was not meant to offend anyone, and obviously, stereotypes and generalisations are never accurate... this was written only for the purpose of procrastination and amusement...and these stereotypes does not preclude amiable exceptions Anyone else have any stereotypes of students...
  14. Atlas

    New Changes at Mq?

    Besides the more obvious signs of "change" at Mq - i.e. the new less appealing logo and the changes in faculties etc; what has actually "changed" from the level of a Mq student's perspective? Has there been an explanation issued by Mq about precisely what it is that we are changing to and from...