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    Preliminary ag

    Hey there! I state-ranked agriculture last year - will you be interested in my notes? If you are, please send me a message and we can negotiate. :)
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    help for electromag please!!!

    why is the answer D - bc of eddy currents? does A not affect the motion? what exactly does a stronger magnet entail - more field lines?
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    maintaining ranks and results from year 11

    thank you so much for the words - really means a lot :')
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    maintaining ranks and results from year 11

    hi guys! i just completed my first set of year 12 internal exams yesterday and to be honest...i feel like i definitely underperformed compared to year 11. i don't know what to do or how to feel - i'm so scared about all the 'what if's; if i fell way below my previous estimate, if i won't be...
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    dodgy internal ranks - four first places????

    theoretically, is there a high likelihood of having 4 equal first-places for the internal ranks? 2 people actually got full marks but the other two had their marks "scaled up" (not sure how on earth this happened, but it did...is this even possible, when they actually lost several marks)...
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    HELP: wrote outside the corners of the page border?

    Re: wrote outside the corners of the page border? does anyone know if this would be read or not??????
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    HELP: wrote outside the corners of the page border?

    hey guys! feeling a little paranoid right now - would there be any issues if I wrote outside the border/corners of a HSC paper? would what I wrote still be read by the examiners? any clarification would be appreciated!
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    Physics Tutoring : what is Zhang's really like?

    The accelerated class at Zhangs has nearly completed the first module of HSC so I'd recommend the other places.
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    Hopefully extension 2 maths! Also, kinda unsure if I want to drop to 10 units next year. It seems quite risky but at the same time, there'd be a lot of time freed up for other subjects.
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    failed prelim ext1 maths exam?

    thanks so much!! yeah, i definitely struggle with test anxiety, although i don't think it was as bad for this ext1 exam i did end up panicking when i realised that i had less time to finish, compared to my practice past papers. i'll definitely try out your tip of reading the exam first! i...
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    failed prelim ext1 maths exam?

    a couple of days ago, we had our prelim ext1 maths exam the test was easier than what i expected but i ended up running out of time (bc the teachers made it longer than usual) I've already lost quite a few marks which i'm quite bummed about, considering i did start doing past papers ~1 month...
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    State Rank Cut-Off?

    A 96-97 was enough last year!
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    how many hours of sleep to function?

    Man, I'm in prelims and I only sleep for 6-7 hours.
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    Year 10 Work Experience

    I did my work experience at Macq Uni Hospital - spent my placement shadowing a nurse in the orthopaedics ward. It was a pretty worthwhile experience!
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    i do triple science (phys, chem, bio) plus accelerated agriculture and ext 1 maths right now, so i thought that the workload would be too extreme with ext eng as well frankly, i'm not regretting my decision at all HAHA the project seems torturous accelerating good old agriculture! :') making...
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    already dropped ext eng !! still on 13 units though but it's alright, 2 of those units are accelerated so it'll be done and dusted by the end of this year
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    Accuracy in Red Blood Cell Prac

    Hi guys, For the practical about estimating the size of red blood cells (by counting the number of RBC along a diameter of the field of view), is it accurate? The method definitely has a high limit of accuracy (estimation) but my experimental value was close to the true value of 6 to 8...
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    To all those who went to selective high schools

    Oh wow, I've had very similar experiences at my selective school. I beat this girl by 1 mark in an exam last year but she's been salty about it until now. She even brought it up last week! I don't understand why there's the need to be competitive when you can work on improving yourself instead.
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    Hi everyone! Can't believe the year that we're a senior has arrived. :eek2:
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    Year 11 2018 - How to prepare??

    We also have the same career interests too :') Slightly daunted with my subject choices - it's going to be very content-heavy.