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    Study and Results

    Hey Guys, I've always been pretty good at math but since starting year 12 and completing 3 assessment tasks (2U Math), I only average around 60%. Since the first test I flunked, my study has increased and i complete past paper questions but still do shit in exams. Even when i think I've covered...
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    Flunked Tests

    Hey guys, got my assessment marks back for this term and I went terrible. I got below 40% for chemistry (15% weighting) but ranked well I also only got 45% for my 2u test worth (20%). These marks pissed me off so much because I know the content and can always complete the homework without any...
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    Misadventure and Poor Marks

    Hey guys, for the last few weeks i have been in and out of the surgeons office because i tore a ligament in my knee. Ive missed around one week of school and during my time back at school i have not been able to study efficiently because the injections i had in my knee made me really sick. I...
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    Prelim Chemistry Notes

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has notes for the new chemistry syllabus that they would care to share? Yearlies are coming up in a few weeks and I need to start revising now..... If nobody has notes, I would happily collaborate with someone or a group of people and we could do a module...
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    Quadratic Function desperate help!

    Could you guys please help me with this question. I have to idea where to start: Consider the graph of a quadratic function: y= 2x^2-3x+1 Translate the (x,y) co-ordinate axes horizontally and vertically, so that the new origin of the co-ordinates system is located at the point with the...
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    Yr 10 Subject Selection- MX1

    Hi guys, I have my subject selections coming up and would like to know some details about choosing Mathematics ext 1. I am currently in Maths 5.3 and i am averaging in the low to mid 70's and really enjoy maths and science. 1. With my marks in the 70's should I consider choosing MX1? 2...