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    On the home straight at last

    Hello fellow HSC students, As you all know we have completed our HSC trials and are now on the home straight towards the end of our regular schooling lives. For some people their trial marks may have been disheartening but as I like to say "Oh well, shit happens aye". So if you are one of...
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    Another one bites the dust

    Thank god, after being 2 months behind on my MDP for woodwork I finished today with 3 days to spare
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    Hello my fellow HSC'ers

    Hello everyone, What courses are you all thinking of applying for in University next year
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    Read this NOW!!!

    Hey Guys, I know this is a thread where people can talk about the 2018 HSC and I understand that but there is something that I need you all to be aware of... At the moment in NSW there is a serious problem, the drought... Many farmers who are supplying all the meals that YOU EAT on a...
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    Can Anyone help me... I am struggling with school and the HSC

    Hello Everyone, My name is Kaine and I am currently studying the HSC at Canowindra High School. My subjects are as follows; - Modern History - Standard English - Mathematics General 2 - Design and Technology (timber) - Senior Science In my previous years of high school I struggled...
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    How do I manage stress levels in the lead up to my half yearly

    Hey guys and gals, Recently I have been having some family problems and due to constant bullying at school when I get home I usually go into my room and escape into my own little world...(phone)... and I don't get much study done, if any at all... I have recently posted a few threads about...
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    Urgently need help with studying

    Help!!!!!!!! My half yearly exams are in literally three weeks... I still have not managed to formulate my study plan to balance both study and life... i really want to succeed in these exams... can anyone plz give me an idea as to how much study i should be doing or even give me a study...
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    Help me please!!!!!!!!!

    I am stressing out as I have my half yearly exams in three weeks and I still haven't chosen my related text for Discovery... My text for distinctively visual is an Australian poem called The blood vote which is an anti conscription poem for world war 1... if anyone could help me it would be...
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    Can anyone help me with my study routine

    Hello, My name is Kaine Talbot and I am doing my HSC this year... however I am struggling to keep up with a lot of work due to the fact that I am unable to get myself into a study routine... I am stressing because I have my half yearly exams in like three weeks... if anyone could help me it...
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    Design and Technology... help me plz

    My problem is that I am stuck on how to go about starting the Case Study of an Australian Innovation Assignment that i got given term 4 last year... if anyone is able to help me it would be greatly appreciated