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    Woohoo! I just finished my HSC!

    My last exam was SDD. I just did it in 1hr 45mins and left early, super easy. Expecting a state rank (I estimate I got 96-97 raw; I'm #1 internally). I'm done with the HSC, yay!
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    Multiple Choice

    What MC questions confused you? For me, the very first question. (I didn't know what an Gantt chart was). Also, the question about string/int/real sorting. I couldn't remember if "." and "-" came before the numbers in ASCII, so just guessed "String". Pretty sure the sorts question was...
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    General Thoughts: Software Design and Development

    How did everyone go? I finished the exam in 1 hour and 45 minutes and left. Everything was easy except 3 things I got wrong (MC Q1, MC string/real sorting Q, structure chart flag filled in or not). I'm expecting 96-97 / 100. Hopefully that's enough to state rank, although I woudn't be...
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    First day on a software engineering job -- what to expect?

    I'm new to the workforce and have never had a job before. My first job is at a small, relaxed software engineering firm. What should I expect? Any tips? I've got the dress code, lunch, and commute worked out... but what should I expect once I get there?
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    Essay: Wrote wrong question number in booklet

    What if you accidentally wrote the wrong question number in the writing booklet, but your answer was undoubtedly referring to the other question? Will the marker go "Heh heh 0"?
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    What if you don't sign the completion record?

    What if you don't authorise the BoS to display the results?
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    ATAR estimate pretty please!

    School Rank: 105 - 110 Subject Ranks: English Standard: 41 / 87 Mathematics 2U: 54 / 102 Economics: 3 / 18 Legal Studies: 8 / 31 Software Design: 1 / 6 Thank you!
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    Computer Science undergrand in NSW -- UNSW or USYD?

    I'm in Year 12 and trying to decide how to preference unis. I'm interested in doing computer science (not IT), and I'm primarily considering between UNSW and USYD. I am aware that UNSW vs USYD has been debated ad-infinitum, but I'd like a comp sci focused perspective. How is the quality of...