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    Should I do 4U maths?

    Im just asking for other people's opinion since im sure i wasnt the only one to question myself. I just had my exams and got 100 in 2u (1st) and 60 in my 3u (3rd [first was 65, 2 marks ahead]). I did poorly not because the test was hard, but because I simply panicked and did numerous silly...
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    How are temperature, thermal energy and particle motion related?

    All you physics gods out there, plz help. Apparently there is a thing called heat capacity which is what makes the temperature and thermal energy relate.
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    Are there any selective schools that accept in year 12???

    Really curious as I want to switch from my school to a better school if possible (Very shit science and english department). Any selective schools in sydney which accept students in year 12?
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    WTF should I do??

    Alright so we had a bio practical exam, and only 6 people passed. I didn't. The exam was, believe it or not, very easy. The way they marked us was absolutely ridiculous! I lost one of the marks because I didn't put a border around my results table!! I also got marked on numerous things I wasn't...