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  1. Slidey

    Election called - THE LAST DAY TO ENROL IS MONDAY!

    Get on that fucking roll and give Liberal and Labour the kick in the nuts they deserve by voting for third parties (Greens, LDP, Sex Party, all of them, whatever takes your fancy)! The Election is August 21st and the last day to enrol to vote is this Monday (19th of July). The last day to...
  2. Slidey

    New Zealand's announces it is building NBN similar to Australia's

    New Zealand announces it is building NBN similar to Australia's NZ's conservative coalition government plants to build a fibre to the home network at 100Mbps speeds covering at least 75% of households by 2020. The rollout and funding methods looks set to be similar to Australia's. For...
  3. Slidey

    The federal election will be in August or September this year

    This article coupled with Antony Green's exhaustive analysis pretty much guarantees we'll see an election called shortly: Winter vote could follow frosty polls
  4. Slidey

    NBN worst case cost scenario (without Telstra): $18 billion dollars

    So much for the $43 billion dollar figure. A comprehensive study of the infrastructure project concludes that the cost would be between $25 and $35 billion, of which half will be funded by private industry, for a cost of between $13 billion and $18 billion to the government, depending on...
  5. Slidey

    Forum governments should be banned from investing in Australian companies

    Discuss? Should foreign investment be open to private industry only?
  6. Slidey

    Fuck Rudd is a dickhead

    Fucking Labour. Perfectly willing to sell uranium to Russia and China but not fucking India. Jesus Christ.
  7. Slidey

    Tasmanian State Election

    Well, it's on tomorrow. Multiple polls have consistently polled the Greens at about a quarter (25%) of the vote which is a rather remarkable result considering that Labour are on about (30%) and Liberal about the same or higher (say 35%). Obviously this is an extremely hung parliament with all...
  8. Slidey

    Greens launch Senate inquiry against endless population growth, Liberals back it

    The Greens have launched a federal Senate inquiry into population growth, urban planning and sustainability, and Australia's holding capacity in light of the Labour government's advocacy for rampant population growth. The Liberals have backed the inquiry, for similar reasons, so it will be set...
  9. Slidey

    I thought Tony Abbott was part of the Liberal party?

    Paid parental scheme Tony Abbott Seems he joined Labour when I wasn't looking.
  10. Slidey

    Best online stores to order computer parts from

    I'm looking at Tigers Direct ATM because it is in NSW. Tigers Direct Computer Store Need a new comp and looking for a store which has all the following: AMD Phenom 965 (about $250) nVidia GTX 985 (about $500) AM3 Socket Gigabyte mother board ($100 to $200 I guess) A case CPU fan Power supply...
  11. Slidey

    iiNet wins court case taken against it by media industry

    This case is representative of the ISP industry as a whole and is a pretty landmark case. Basically the judge said ISPs are not responsible for the copyright infringement of their users, do not thave to police such infringement, and that the media industry must pay iiNet court fees. It's an epic...
  12. Slidey

    Possibly 100,000 dead in Haiti earthquake

    This is fucking horrible: Clinton cancels Australia visit to lead Haiti relief effort | The Australian Wow. That's like the deathtoll of a nasty civil war.
  13. Slidey

    Australian economy completely avoids recession

    Stunning economic growth as Australia weathers the global recession | The Australian Economy grew another 0.6% last quarter. Government stimulus had more effect than the government (specifically treasury) had expected. Jobless rate is highly unlikely to reach 7%. Interest rate increases will...
  14. Slidey

    Tired of Windows Genuine Advantage? Try Linux Genuine Advantage!

    http://www.linuxgenuineadvantage.org/ Nothing like the medium of comedy to elucidate something's flaws.
  15. Slidey

    What the?

    There was an interesting thread here about linux, macintosh and windows operating systems. I believe it was called 'Linux v Windows v Mack' Many of us posted interesting and informative replies to it. Why did you delete it?
  16. Slidey

    Nanotechnology/Materials Science/Chemistry

    Hey there. Does anybody do nanotechnology? I'd love to hear your thoughts about your degree or individual courses. This applies to materials science, polymer science, and chemistry, too. I'd like to know the ups and downs, what's fun and what's not, and what you enjoy. For reference, I'm...
  17. Slidey

    Software Engineer Takes Over San Francisco's Computer Network

    A software engineer was disgruntled about attempts to fire him, so what did he do? He locked out all access to San Francisco's multi-million dollar government computer architecture and gave himself root access, then refused to co-operate once arrested...
  18. Slidey

    Diablo 2 Game Anyone?

    Anybody up for playing a Diablo 2 game over IP with me? Ideally we'd have a group of 3 to 5 people I can't join realms cause I lost my real CD key ages ago (hey, it's been 8 years). Doesn't matter anyway; it's fun starting fresh.
  19. Slidey

    Diablo 3 OFFICIALLY Announced

    Whilst the other thread is pure speculation, and I had intended to leave it in Non-School, this thread is for game details, footage and screenshots: Screenshots from a video camera: The website: http://eu.blizzard.com/diablo3/ Blizzard is being sketchy, but it seems probable it will use...
  20. Slidey

    Diablo 3 Announced

    http://www.diabloii.net/n/667423/diablo-3-announcement-at-wwi Also, upon experimentation, I forced the battle.net forums to accidentally tell me the name of the Diablo 3 forum that's meant to be hidden till it is announced: "Diablo III General Discussion"...