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    ASB Summer School

    How much does it cost to do a course at ASB summer school?
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    ECON2206 MID SEM

    What type of questions can we expect? Similar to textbook? Proofs? No resources to go by... Thanks
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    Anyone got any past quizzes/exams for this?
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    Plugin Problem

    I'm having some trouble viewing resources on blackboard, anyone know which plugin for firefox you need to install on mac to fix this problem... Thanks
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    Do the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (IAA) release their past exams ?
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    Having all your tutes on the same day. Anyone ever done it and how was it?
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    ACTL2002 TUTE

    Changed to 1 hour? Any1 know y?
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    Course Outlines

    Anyone have any idea when they will be up on blackboard?
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    Topic Tests

    Anyone have any 2unit topic tests (or a few topics in 1 test) other than the ones in the resources section? Thanks
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    Should I do this course before taking Micro/Macro 2?
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    2nd Yr Maths

    Can anyone give any insight into what 2nd year maths is like.... maybe courses such as MATH2111, MATH2901, MATH2601 and MATH2931.
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    ACTL exemption question

    Hey BOS, is Part 2 of Actuarial in 4th year of comm/eco degree possible like in comm/sci? or do you have to do honours?
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    hey guys just wondering how much of a disadvantage it is not having done economics at school to go into this course? and later macroeconomics?
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    actuarial studies

    hey guys I have a few questions abt actuarial studies how good is the actuarial program at unsw compared to macquariee ? wat are the best combined degrees including actuarial studies? how hard is actuarial studies? wat is a decent average in actuarial studies? wat is the maths like ? i've herd...