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    Cheers mate, i appreciate it
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    Yep this is what i did but I dont think i integrated it properly because I got [x*2^(logx)]/log(2) instead of x*2^(logx)]/[log(2)+1] Im not sure where the 1 on the denominator comes from
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    How do you integrate 2^(logx)? Ive got it down to [x*2^(logx)]/log(2) but wolfram alpha says the answer is x*2^(logx)]/[log(2)+1]
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    What happened???

    LOL who is to blame then? No body but you, too arrogant to listen to the advice given to you by someone who clearly would know what they were talking about being an hsc marker and all
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    What happened???

    How is it unfair? Youve been told from the very start that markers dont like messy handwriting.. its really not that hard to improve your handwriting
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    What happened???

    How do you even know yorue gonna go up exactly 1.7 points like your friend did?
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    What happened???

    This. When I was in year 12 our pdhpe teachers told us we were the best cohort they had ever had, all of us got above 90 raw for our trials but in the end the highest overall mark was 93, much lower than the highest mark from the previous year. When we got our results back we put it down to the...
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    What happened???

    To which, did you reply "ah yea soz bros i wasnt actually as smart as I thought i was, probably shouldnt have bragged about my intelligence every day"
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    What happened???

    +1, honestly couldnt wait for the day you received your sub 99 ATAR, it was the slap in the face you needed
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    What happened???

    how would you even know how much effort is required for a 98 ATAR lol? no one really knows that Well if they cant read your writing how are they gonna know you got it right???
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    What happened???

    coming from the guy who bragged about how he was gonna get 99.95 about 2 years ago, im not surprised. You actually have to put in effort to do well lol
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    youre heaps small do you even go to the gym lol?

    youre heaps small do you even go to the gym lol?
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    Cadetships 2013 thread

    nah youll be fine, pretty much everyone who applies for a cadetship gets one, they are really not that hard to get.
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    HSC Chemistry Holiday Crash Course ~ 99.65 & 99.75 Teachers

    Bump for these guys. Awesome tutors from baulko.
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    Getting into law or commerce...

    Usyd are changing their policy I believe and will be allowing anyone with 75+ first year WAM to transfer to combined law. I can't find the pdf with the changes although it may be implemented after you've done a year of uni
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    Attention all: ACCT1501, MGMT1001, MGMT1101, MGMT1002 students. Want a D or HD?

    Yea but you could say that about any year, its not just the first year. Third year fails are just as bad as first year fails. OP is acting like the first year of uni is a big deal, quote "critical" as if you cant get a job if you dont do well. But yea like you said Trans4M, extra curriculars...
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    Are The Teachers Realistic In Regards to Hours Per Night?

    i think the 8 hours a day assumes that you have no extra curricular activities planned such as sport/going out.
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    Maths(adv&3u/ext1) & business tutor!

    if you read carefully its in the post, 94.35 Your prices are fairly steep for someone with your marks, you might wanna take it down a little there are plenty of maths tutors on this site who offer their services at a lower price and have greater experience
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    Young Children, Best Maths and Physics Tutor, Very Cheap, Most Excellent, Click.Here!

    Re: Young Children, Best Maths and Physics Tutor, Very Cheap, Most Excellent, Click.H yea his username used to be SIR R SOLE, clearly he is a very "great man" with a lot of maturity