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  1. onytae

    Physics Help?

    Hi, I'm having trouble answering this question. What are the important points to mention to get four marks? Most celestial objects outside our Solar System are too distant to reach at current maximum speeds. Discuss the prospect of near light speed space travel to such destinations with...
  2. onytae

    Which Health Science?

    Hi, I'm currently in year 12 and I'm confused which one of the health sciences to pick. I'm expecting an ATAR of around 98 to 99+. The options I was considering are dentistry(If I can get a good UMAT), optometry, physiotherapy, chiropractic studies, pharmacy, podiatry. I want is a good...
  3. onytae

    Chiropractic Sciences

    Hi, I'm currently in year 12, and I want to know more about the chiropractic sciences at Macquarie Uni. What is the course like? Is it fun? Worth doing?
  4. onytae

    Possible Pathways to Dentistry / Medicine

    Hi, I'm currently in year 12 and I'm looking to get into Dentistry or Medicine. What are some possible undergraduate pathways for dentistry? (and their requirements/cut-offs/umat scores). And for medicine is it better to go with the UMAT or GAMSAT pathway. I'm aiming for an atar 99+, which is...