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    How do you integrate 2^(logx)? Ive got it down to [x*2^(logx)]/log(2) but wolfram alpha says the answer is x*2^(logx)]/[log(2)+1]
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    Help with Excel

    Is anyone here a wizard at excel? Here is my hypothetical scenario, I had a table with 3 columns with the headings: Suburb, Sex and Age Lets say I list 5 suburbs, and for each suburb I have a male and a female of different ages so there will be 10 rows underneath my 3 column headings...
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    Internal Transfer

    I am currently doing a bachelor of commerce (first year), and I want to apply for an internal transfer to law. How do I go about this?
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    Teachers not allowing students to pick a subject

    Long story short, a mate wants to do 3u maths in Year 11 but his teacher has told him he cant do it and that the school wont let him. What are his options? (He wants to do 3u obviously)
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    I am struggling with accounting 1a, I dont really understand anything about it. How can I achieve a credit?
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    Fastest/Easiest Ways to Make Money

    I thought I'd start a thread where people could contribute by letting everyone else know what are some of the Fastest/Easiest Ways to Make Money
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    Higher X or Normal X

    I was just wondering what the difference in maths is between the normal and the higher version. For eg Mathametics 1a and Higher Mathematics 1a. Is it worth it to do the higher version or do they just make your WAM worse?
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    I'm just wondering if it's possible to do a double major for the Science part of this degree. On the website it says you would have to overload or take courses in the summer/winter. I'm fine with doing that. I'm just wondering when offers come out how would I choose the double major?