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    lol atar estimate? 88+ or 75+??

    Using Dux college I got 74.5. I really dont understand how it could be 85+ when you dont have many band 5s. I have 3 band 5's and 2 band 4's and im getting a similar score... We'll find out in 9 hours!
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    Anyone looking at Victorian universities?

    I'm in wagga which is roughly half way between the two. I didn't aplpy through UAC. I'm doing communications/media though, so not much point with competting with the elite kids of sydney when RMIT/Swinburne aren't too far away. Melbourne just cause friends, music and sport. I feel the NSW uni's...
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    Obtaining raw marks

    Raaadd. That kind of makes it's worth it.
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    Obtaining raw marks

    Wow that is actually ridicolous. $22 to recieve your own marks. I don't think they give us a break down, just the score.
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    Obtaining raw marks

    Some people who are interested or confused in raw marks. Heres the link to get your raw marks - But at $6 a course it's a bit rich. However it will help with the raw mark database on here so even...
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Pretty good exam trials went 25/23/20/23 so im hoping for basically a similar mark but I went way better in Trotsky in HSC than trials, so that should offset a not as solid CoiE. Just by the by, I write between 220-250 words a page, what does every else write? I didn't feel to booklets for...
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    Official: 2013 Modern History HSC Exam predictions thread

    Just sayin' after English and legal I think the questions will be broad and generic. It seems to be a theme. Hoping for a good Stalin question, an extent to how important was Trotsky and basically need to re-learn conflict in Europe.
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    Multiple Choice

    And pretty sure 20 is B, simply because the GG doens't review the legislation, the senate is the 'house of review'. B is more correct.
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    Multiple Choice

    For 12 "Too turn you away from a life of crime we're taking away your house, ferrari and the cool guitar you have, so like you see that crime is bad"
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    Multiple Choice

    How is 12 rehabilitation, surely it's retribution?
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    Short answers extra writing booklets

    One year a kid wrote 23 pages for the National Study question in Modern, it all got read but he got full marks after 8 pages anyway.
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    predictions for LEGAL

    Hoping for a similar question to 2011 for family basically does it achieve justice etc cause than I just chuck everything I know intoa respectable essay. Consumers will probably want to something with Australian Consumer Law 2011 (Cth), The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and the...
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    Society and Culture Islam trouble.

    So a few weeks ago I sent my teacher an email asking her for her thoughts on how to approach the Islam belief system questions I said "for Islam my essay structure is as follows: Intro traditions/history technology migration globalisation futures conclusion." She replied today...
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    Consumers Essay Help

    Caveat emptor is sooooo outdated. Mention it like once in your intro. So many more important/relevant things like the credit code and trade practices.
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    Need advice for trials.

    I got 91 for my trial (what didnt everyone else get?) which sounds impressive, but i didnt do too well, 25 for WWI but only 20 for Trotsky. Do you want my essay questions? I found my essays that 23/25 were just simple form - If i put 6 ideas in my intro I wrote 6 BP's and that usually should...
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    My PIP survey

    I thought about that with my teacher, but since the questions that 'keep the same' those actual things like asylum seekers and tax rates changes year to year so it would be too vague to put that option, I needed even just a general direction, even if they wanted only say 1 less asylum seeker or...
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    My PIP survey

    Hey guys! I need people to fill out my survey - I need 200 respodents, it's just 4 quick questions that should take less than 2 minutes. It's on political issues, thanks a lot! 24th of June will be the last day
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    2013 Federal election

    Hey team, My Society and Culture Personal Interest Project in politics is on politics, so I thought I'd post this here. Could everyone and anyone please complete my simple 4 question survey? It will take less 2 minutes. Thanks a...
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    HSC Mid Year Rankings

    English - 5/23 SOC&C 1/6 Legal - 1/15 Modern - 1/12 Which is funny, because my marks ranged from 77%-82%.