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    HSC Essay Marking

    For English Advanced and Extension 1, you can send in your essays/creatives in WORD format and I will be happy to mark them for you. Fee: $20/essay, 72 hour turnaround PM if you are interested.
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    ASB Dean's Listers 2013

    Any dean's listers here? Congratulations to all!
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    Pillai, Welsh or Hartley for LAWS1141? Which Lecturer?

    Can anyone shed some light on the LAWS1141 lecturers? There's Sangeetha Pillai Rebecca Welsh Paul Kildea and Jackie Hartley
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    UNSW Exams in a Marquee??

    I'm new to UNSW; the exams are being held in Marquees?? Could someone please elaborate. Are these temporary structures or are they actually rooms?
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    Actuarial Studies

    So it's Enrolment Time for Semester 2!! I'm in first year, completing MATH1151 as one of my courses. I'm finding it to be just a math course, with nothing to do with actuarial studies (or is this it? O___o) Quite disappointing. So I'm wondering whether to continue to pursue actuarial studies...
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    English Advanced and Extension 1 Email Essay Marking

    Finished my HSC last year with scores of 96 in advanced and 47 in english extension 1. Now offering EMAIL ESSAY MARKING for HSC English Advanced and Extension 1 $14/essay or creative You will receive thorough annotations on your work and advice on how to improve. 72 hour turnaround. Save...
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    Email Tutoring: English Adv + Ext 1

    Hello, I'm offering email tutoring for English Advanced and English Extension 1. 1. Send me your essay/creative including any questions you may have about it 2. I'll thoroughly annotate it, answer your questions + give you advice within 72 hours. I'm charging $14 per essay/creative for this...
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    MATH1151 Asoc Prof Womersley and Tran - Actuarial Studies

    So starting year 1 this year, and I've got these two lecturers for MATH1151. Tbh, it's the most concerning subject for me. So any hints, suggestions, and tips would be appreciated. Also, what do people think about these two lecturers? Womersley and Tran. Thank you in advance.
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    So the prescribed text for semester 1 MATH1151 is "Calculus One & Several Variables + WileyPLUS 10ED" Is the WileyPlus online service even used??
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    CURRENT ACTUARIAL STUDENTS!!...Tell me about the course

    Current Actuarial Students (ESP those in your 1st year), can you give us some insight as to the course content and level of difficulty? So in your 1st year, was it like studying an envisioned HSC Maths Ext 3? Or is there much overlap with HSC Extension 2? What are the exams like? PLEASE -...
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    Possible to get rank in the state for your results?

    Is it possible to get your rank in the state for your HSC results?
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    State Ranking Cut Off for English Extension 1??

    Anyone here score a place in the state rankings for English Ext 1 this year?? If yes, would you mind sharing your mark out of 50? I'm just curious to know! (or if u want privacy, you can PM me :D) Thanks!
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    2009 Question 21

    I'm probably a doofus but I can't see the answer for 2009 HSC Question 21 (a) The answer is FOOD. But shouldn't it be Housing?? Can someone please explain? Thanks!!! Link:
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    Speculative Inflow -- Where on BOP?

    Hi Quick question-- Where does speculative inflow get recorded on the Balance of Payments?? As Portfolio Investment in the Capital & Financial Account? Thanks!
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    Help! Mole concentrations

    Hello All I've been having horrible experiences with this question: can someone please assist? Tube 4 0.200mol/L Fe(NO3)3 ------ 0.50mL 0.002mol/L KSCN -----------5.00mL Water Added ---------------4.50mL Calculate the effective dilution of these solutions after mixing but before...
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    HELP! Trials in 1 week and I"m sick.

    So I have my trials in 1 week with exams every day and I'm sick right now. Sore throat Runny nose Losing voice I'm sure some of you have been through this before an exam period, what's the best remedy? Any herbals? I'm going to sacrifice study for sleep and I'm not happy about that. :(