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  1. Monsterman

    Accounting and Actuarial and economics

    Does anyone have a plan what they are doing with those majors? in particular accounting and actuarial? because I'm finding it hard to actually get the accreditation for accounting if i was to do this combo..
  2. Monsterman

    actl/math degree

    Is the acturiaral and mathematics combined degree actually worth it.... Would it be possibly better to do comm/eco considering I could be doing actl/fins and eco which would be all business related? essentially I dont really know the benefits of actually completing the mathematics degree with...
  3. Monsterman

    Math1251/1151 ..

    Two parts to this question: PART 1 I get this fail message when I enroll "Error:Requirements not met for class, student not enrolled" Does this mean I'm goneskies for that course? I got a provisional mark thingo of credit.. is that high enough? CAUSE i've heard some people say that there's...
  4. Monsterman

    2nd Semester

    What courses should I pick for second semester when I'm doing Comm/Sci. Currently doing MGMT1001, ACCT1501, ECON1101, MATH1151. and note I dont want to be an acturary douchebag anymore
  5. Monsterman


    The solution is x < -4 and -1/3< x <3/2.. how do i get the second part of the solution?
  6. Monsterman

    Sketching a curve

    How would I sketch x^3-2x^2+2x+5? like show how to find the stationary points? Cause i differentiated it and completed the square and got 3((x-2/3)^2+10/9).. could someone confirm this cause i reckon i did it wrong..
  7. Monsterman


    I proved x^2+y^2 >= 2xy how would i use my result to deduce that (a+b)(b+c)(c+a)>=8abc?
  8. Monsterman


    I want to major in either finance or accounting and i'm going to combine it with a science of maths.. how do i choose courses? Am i expected to do the compulsory courses first because atm I've put down Accounting and Financial Management 1A Microeconomics 1 Managing Organisations & People...
  9. Monsterman

    Enrolment Basket

    I'm doing Comm/sci...Do i just throw in all the courses that they say in the handbook? like the compulsory courses.. then this one: First year mathematics course 6 units of credit (1 course) of First Year mathematics as specified for the appropriate Science program<------but I dont know where to...
  10. Monsterman


    I read on the website that there is an orientation camp.. "Typical events and activities held throughout the year for students at the Australian School of Business include an orientation camp for first year students, barbecues, annual excursions, movie nights, harbour cruises, sports days and...
  11. Monsterman


    do i get some sort of certificate of participation for the hsc like for the school cert? not like the one which says what bands I got for the subjects and all that.. but rather like an actual paper which says hsc is completed.. like the paper would be printed on thicker paper than normal and it...
  12. Monsterman

    getting into law

    I got an atar of 98.00 with no EAS so I cant make it to law but could I do this: Do Commerce/Science, get a WAM of 70 and then transfer to Comm/Law when I get a UOC of 36.. also whilst doing the commerce/science degree, i'll only do the commerce part so that I wont have to repeat units.. I...
  13. Monsterman

    Commerce Graduates

    How many get employed after graduating? or like what percentage
  14. Monsterman

    hsc mark

    The marks that are in the hsc mark column are the final marks right? like there's no more scaling.. aligning.. or other crap which would make the atar estimate wrong
  15. Monsterman

    Awesome GODLIKE Tutor

    Willing to teach anyone, anywhere around Epping, Eastwood, Carlingford, Lane Cove, Ryde, those kind of places... I can teach Phys, Chem, Maths Ext 1 (though I did Ext 2) and English Ext (Navigating the Global) and English Advanced.. Price: $20 an hour PM me. I'm heaps experienced.
  16. Monsterman

    Wireless Internet..

    Which company offers the best deals.. I've looked at like Virgin Mobile.. and they offer something like $34 for 5gigs.. is there a better one? cause 5gigs ok but i want more
  17. Monsterman


    my eng ext rank is wrong.. i'm ranked 5th on my report.. and it says on the bos 7th....... what do i do............. i'm not fucking joking cause i'm more stressed atm than during the hsc... ....................................... and its a friday.. what the hell am i meant to do now.. i phoned...
  18. Monsterman

    i need help...

    How do i actually get a part-time job? like do i look in the newspapers,, go to shopping centers and look at signs on the wall? whats the best way..?
  19. Monsterman


    has anyone started studying for uni..since the hsc is over?.. i know its kinda shit what they are doing but i know.. some people have.. out of interest........
  20. Monsterman

    estimate me

    School rank is ranked 125 in the state Assessment ranks english advanced----17/72 english ext----------5/17 maths ext 1--------10/52 maths ext 2-------- 9/30 chem---------------5/44 phys--------------11/64 what i think i'll get in the hsc.. note that these are raw marks eng advanced-----72% or...