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    Help With Some Truss Bridge Question

    Would someone be able to explain the function of a bridge and describe what a truss bridge is. (using engineering terms).
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    Physics Assignment: Design A Space Station

    I just need some help on these questions so I can talk about them in a brochure. 1. How does drag affect space flight? 2. How would I use thrusters to keep the space station in a steady orbital alt. ?
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    Need Help On Physics Projectile Motion H/W!

    Can someone answer the questions from 6) onwards. No explanation for the questions needed. THANK YOU!!!
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    Oxidation and Reduction (Chem)

    Can someone please explain everything about oxidation and reduction? (just a brief summary about it to wrap my head around it)
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    Bonding in Chemistry

    Could someone please give me a brief summary of elements bonding. :)
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    Molarity and Concentration

    What is the formula/s in this topic and what are they used to find? (I've got a test next week and I wanted to revise on all the formulas. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!) :)
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    Need Help On An Engineering Report on Stethoscopes.

    So I'm in year 11, doing engineering studies, and I've just been assigned to make an engineering report a piece of equipment created by a biomedical engineer. I've chosen a stethoscope. I need help with the summary and introduction for my report.