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    Adelaide university roll call

    who's going to adelaide uni this year and what for? i'm going to be so lonely! i have zero friends there (having moved interstate) let me know anyway! :D
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    average student, want first in course award? want media attention? here's how!

    okay so, nobody really knows about the course i got first in. human services - health services assistance. it allows you to work as an AIN in a hospital or as a carer in an aged care setting. good part time work if you like making beds and hearing old people stories. very easy exam paper...
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    can someone please explain this question?

    In a fermentation experiment 6.50g of glucose was completely converted to ethanol and carbon dioxide. What is the mass of carbon dioxide produced?
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    the basics of mathematics, help

    so, i fear i will only get a band 1 in the exam. i'm very bad at it :/ can anyone help me with the basics that could push me into a band 2? i'm not too worried about it all, i'd just like some friendly pointers! :)
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    Flinders University

    is there no thread/subforum for flinders?! there so should be.... they have medicine degrees... lol. anyway, is anyone going to flinders, and what for? i'm hoping to study teaching/science there :)
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    List of scientists + brief description

    okay so, who's got that lucky list?