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    UOW Chatter Thread

    Hey Guys! 1st Year Bachelor of Arts / Laws Really looking forward to O-Week tbh!
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    General Thoughts on Paper 2?

    Well, thats english for everyone now! How'd everyone go? Honestly, I thought Paper 2 was amazing, never walked out of an exam so happy in my life!
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    Law 2016???

    https://news.csu.edu.au/latest-news/charles-sturt-university/csu-introduces-bachelor-of-laws-for-2016 ATAR - 85 (Estimated) I was jumping for joy as I would have loved to do law but it's by DISTANCE EDUCATION. How Peculiar
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    How are you going to tackle the next month?

    2nd of October. 10 Days until my 18th Birthday, 10 Days until paper one. How is everyone going to tackle the next few days? These holidays I've been very bad with my study, like seriously. I need to get prepared, fast. Anyone's have some tips? Note: - I live on a farm so a...
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    Syllabus notes - cheap and current from 2015 hsc student - $20 per subject

    Hey Guys, Are you struggling with the vigorous content of the HSC? If you are, then I may be able to help. I am currently completing my HSC and have syllabus notes covering every topic and detail in each subject I have undergone throughout 2015. The notes being offered include...
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    ATAR Estimate Please

    Hi guys, Just wondering if I could get an ATAR estimate based on my final assessment ranks going into the HSC examinations! Thanks heaps, Its appreciated :haha: School Ranking (2014) - 72 School Ranking (2013) - 74 School Ranking (2012) - 107 School Ranking (2011) - 88 School Ranking...
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    Can I please have an accurate ATAR estimate? From a minimum number to a maximum one?

    English Standard: 35/122 Legal Studies: 10/42 Geography: 17/30 Ancient History: 30/39 Studies of Religion II: 33/56 School Rank: 72