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    would this work / can i appeal?

    So i just got pulled over for rbt and they noticed i don't have my red p's on .. he gave me a fine for it which also takes 2 demerit points. I've had a infringement before so basically i have no points left ..... My legit reason was i just picked up the car from the body shop and everything...
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    can you change your timetable during uni?

    Hello, currently i have a prac class that starts on wends at 6pm and finishes around 830, before it was on friday during the day but i was forced to move it because i have something important on for 2 consecutive fridays and don't want to miss the prac. So during uni, is it possbie to move my...
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    RNP parking ticket fine?

    Hey guys, so on the way into a beach in RNP, there was this gate where you had to stop and buy parking tickets. I bought it and it was 11 dollars and when i parked i forgot to put it in the display window .. so when i came back i recieved a notice on the windscreen saying i have to pay 11$...
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    am i getting underpaid ?

    Hey, so after 2 years, im returning to a fast food store that i used to work at, but this time there is a new owner. He said he will pay me 12/ph and im 18, just graduated from year 12. i think i'm a casual...... and this is cash in hand. but i hear my friends at mcdonalds getting paid...
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    Cops and cameras in royal national park?

    Hey guys, just wondering are there speed cameras in royal national park ? down from sutherland that is, and what are the chances of cops just camping there? :O thanks.
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    Hey guys, so recently i noticed my physics rank was 4th, and i thought it would be 3rd so i went to my curriculum coordinator and she said by judging by marks, i should be in his spot and told me to come back tomorrow because she wanted to talk to my physics teacher. here are the task. Task 1...
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    should i drive? :S

    hey guys, this Friday i have an FEAS interview at UNSW at the Kensington campus. should i train it there or drive? i have never been there before though :(
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    atar guestimate

    Chemistry 10 / 15 English (Standard) 8 / 68 Mathematics Extension 1 5 / 10 Mathematics Extension 2 3 / 3 Physics 4 / 14 school rank 250s.. thanks :)
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    minor car accident.

    Hey guys, so today while i was in the carpark i had a little accident with someone and i think its my fault im not too sure but they just said don't worry about it and makes me thing like its there fault ? So i was parked and i reversed out, and out of no where there was a car behind me like...
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    PSY live !

    Anyone watching it too? take a break from studying :P
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    so unmotivated :(

    Anyone in the same boat ? i am so unmotivated to study.. it feels like school is over and there is no hsc left :(
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    party theme - occupation :(

    So i have a party soon and its theme is occupation. I was thinking of going as a doctor - lab coat with stethoscope or a chief - chef uniform .. but thats a tad boring :( any suggestions?
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    Atar est based on trials

    eng STD 1/68 bio 3/13 chem 7/16 maths 5/23 math3u 4/10 phys 10/14 School rank 250s Thanks :)
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    Atar est based on trials

    School rank : 250s MX2: 3/3 MX1: 5/10 Physics: 3/10 Chem: 10/16 Standard ENG: 7/68 thanks :)
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    Alcohol in the system

    Hey guys, say i drink some light drinks premixed 8-10% alcohol and don't have alcohol again for the night, in 4 - 5 hours when i feel completely fine would their be alcohol still in my system and will it show up on the breathe test? thanks.
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    Electrical then into Civil ?

    Hey guys, just wondering is it possible to do the 1st year of Electrical then transfer into Civil? Are the subjects/classes the same for the 1st year of Civil and Electrical? Im wondering because currently usyd has an E12 scheme that you can get into electrical with an atar of 80 if you get in...
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    Possible to get a "lower atar" in the hsc ?

    so today i got all my trial results and i added them up with all my other assessment and assignments throughout the whole year and entered them on the atar calculator. It gave me an estimate of 81. say in the HSC i flunk it, is it possible for my 81 to drop ? is the 81 a guaranteed mark? i...
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    Gradient help

    The line y=mx is a tangent to the curve y = logx / x find the value of m. it is given that dy/dx = 1 - logx / x^2 & Hence, find the values of k such that the equation kx = logx / x has exactly two solutions thanks !
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    24 Hour cafes ?

    Hey guys, does anyone know any 24 hour cafes ? is there a 24 hour Gloria jeans? :(
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    Struggling with MX2

    hey guys, is it normal to struggle with MX2? my 3U average is around 80s+ but my 4U average is 50ish :( .. I think in the HSC i will only get half of the paper right .. if not less. how much of this will affect my atar?