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    Maxwell's Legal Studies and Business Studies Raw Marks

    Hey guys, I finally decided to get my marks (they're so expensive omfg) and here they are: Legal Studies: Multiple Choice: 19/20 Short Answer: 14/15 Crime: 13.5/15 Family (25a): 22.5/25 Consumers (27b: 23.5/25 Overall: 92/100, which aligned to an exam mark of 96. Business Studies...
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    BAcc Co-op Offers

    Hey guys, Has anybody received an offer from UTS for the BAcc Co-op? Potential students are to be informed by phone yesterday, today or tomorrow. Thanks.
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    Sick During Exam

    Hey, Today in my Economics exam I had a severe migraine and was sick - I had managed to complete everything in the exam but the last essay (which I got like 1/5th through but then I couldn't work anymore because I felt so sick). I have a doctor's certificate and intend to apply for...
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    Scanned Copy of the 2014 Business Exam (You're Welcome)

    Here it is: buying reputation plz
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    B6 Cut-Off Estimate

    Thoughts? IMO it wasn't too bad, but I think the cut off will be lower than last year. Estimates anybody?
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    B6 Cut-Off Estimate

    What does everybody think? Multiple choice had some weird ones. But other than that it was pretty good. I reckon 83-86. Thoughts?
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    Finishing Past Papers an Hour Early?

    Hey, I've been doing Biology past papers and finishing with like an hour and ten minutes left. Um, is this meant to happen? Like, I just did the 2013 paper without trying to rush through and then I had like 2 hours left to do the option so I was just all chill. Thoughts? Should...
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    Lazy BOSTES

    - approximately one year since 2013 HSC exams - markers' comments/feedback/guidelines still being published 'progressively' Nice.
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    Quick Question

    Hey, Just a quick question: with questions such as "Analyse TWO language techniques used to establish the persona's feelings of not belonging. Provide specific examples from the extract to support your answer." (4 marks) where it says specifically 'two language techniques' if I use more than...
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    Quick Rubric Question

    I just had a quick question: in the belonging rubric it says "a sense of belonging can emerge from relationships, places, etc." but then later it says "belonging in terms of relationships, notions of identity, experiences." What is the distinction between these two sentences? obviously...
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    Executive Summaries for Case Study Questions

    Hey, I just had a quick question regarding the use of case studies in the last section. In my executive summary, I generally outline my case studies that I am going to use (obviously is Qantas most of the time). However, sometimes the Qantas case study just doesn't work for some sections...
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    Mod B Speeches Essay Structure

    Hey, With Module B (I am doing non-fiction, speeches) I have been structuring my essays like this: Idea #1 (e.g. unity of purpose in Bandler's speech) Idea #1 (another speech e.g. Suu Kyi) Idea #2 (longevity/resonance due to textual integrity) Idea #2 (longevity/resonance due to...
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    UAC Preferences

    Hey, With my UAC preferences, I am conflicted with what to put as #1. The Sydney E12 scheme requires me to put my course that I want entry to (Law) as #1 preference. This is fine, however, I am fairly sure my co-op scholarship (UNSW) requires #1 preference as well (I am not sure - if...
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    UAC Glitching?

    Hey guys, um, I am 100% 4 realz, but when I type anything into my SRS, it is automatically capitalised (no, my caps lock is not on, I'm not mentally challenged). e.g. instead of "I believe I will succeed..." it is "I BELIEVE I WILL SUCCEED..." Help please? I'd rather not sound like a...
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    Scholarship Applications

    Hey BOS, I have some questions regarding scholarship applications. It'd be awesome if people with experience could help me out, but all help is welcome nonetheless. My questions are: i) From your experience, what do universities look for/favour in applications? Sure, I can say the...
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    Federal Budget Discussion

    Soon, the Federal Budget is to be released. I am actually kind of keen to see it and apply economic concepts to it. Especially so because our teacher is doing macroeconomic policy so we can apply our newly learnt content to real life economic situations. What are your current thoughts...
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    ATAR Estimate Please

    Hey, below are my subjects, marks, ranks and cohort size (off the top of my head): Biology: 1/23 - 96% average. Business Studies: 1/12 - 98.4% average. Economics: 1/10 - 93% average. Advanced English: 2/10 - 93% average. Legal Studies: ~1/11 - 93.25% average (this ranking may change -...
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    I'm Joining the HSC Journal Bandwagon

    HSC Journal of Swag Hey guys, Sometimes I post here, sometimes I don't. Regardless, I promised swag n u shall receive it. Read below to level up your swagitude level: Below are my current goals: Advanced English - Module A/C/Belonging Essays - Creatives (I am doing more than one coz a...
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    Help plz

    Hey, On the last day of school I told my teacher I planned to study in the holidays and they said I shouldn't (even though I really want to). They said I should take a break, at least for 1-2 weeks. So I did, but the problem is now all I want to do is sleep and play Pokemon (the new game is...
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    How to Actually Study for English?

    Hey, Currently I have actually been wondering if my methods of studying for English are 'correct' or 'productive'. But in all honesty, I don't really understand how to study for English. I hear everybody is writing creatives but I don't quite understand the point. Can somebody please explain...