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    Subject Selection - Geography vs Legal Studies

    legal~~~ you can make up your cases, even the judge's comment to support your ideas~~~
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    Whats the the best Pre-Workout

    creatine is an illusion ~~accentuating your muscles but ur not really big soznotsoz shredded 24/7 all year round GAT nitraflex if you want a pwo but it's really potent
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    Should I pursue law?

    because they're indoctrinated into thinking top tier firm = eventual success oh dw brah I'll just b partner one day and rack in the big bucks
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    Should I pursue law?

    The industry is far from dead, and mostly, when you wanna make good money, you have to think outside of the box. Not every law graduate is working a billion hours. Some work pretty comfortable hours and make significantly more than those overworked lawyers in top tier firms.
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    Girls would you date/marry a guy who is absessed with "health"

    I'm sure they would, but they'd also prefer a guy who can spell.
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    Ahmad Shah Style-Based Notes, Revised, Edited, Perfected.

    The world needs more people like you tbh
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    2014 Autumn Semester Timetable (UTS)

    Is this to me.. I just chose subjects and timetabled accordingly haha
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    Favourite soft drink ?

    None. They affect the gains.
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    Hsc record of achievement

    lol ill look at it in a bit I saw that you got into comm/law unsw freaking grats bro edit; just saw it and died dat lack of state ability
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    Hsc record of achievement

    Got it in the mail a few hours ago.
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    Holiday Progress

    Don't worry kids. Once you start term 1 (2), surrender yourself to the basement, and all will be good.
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    If you're accustomed to having coffee everyday, have it as soon as you wake up. If you wait a few hours, a headache will start developing, and it will become worse when you drink the coffee. If you wanna remedy the situation once the headache is there, drink a bottle of water within the span of...
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    Why have you had a detention?

    I got a detention once for playing boxhead during class (it was back in year 9 when they were really strict about kids playing games in class).
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    Breaking the law or: how I learned to stop worrying and dressing like a 14 year old

    Re: How to dress up as a 14 year old? I shaved my beard and now I travel in a private jet everywhere I go.
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    HELP! Arts/law or commerce/law?

    even then, he still knows the difference between your and you're
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    HELP! Arts/law or commerce/law?

    mate did this and he's now working at mitre10 full time /thread
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    Continue walking 1 hr/day during HSC year?

    7 hours is great I slept 4-5 hours on school nights (due to long travel) HSC exams it could be half an hour to an hour (I needed to in order to cram most of the course) on weekends, I had a huge 9 hour sleep on Friday nights, then Saturday would be 8ish hours managed to get by, never...
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    USYD/UNSW Law vs. UTS Law (Vice Chancellor's Scholarship)

    Don't be disheartened by projected shit job prospects. Yes, the industry is tough, but it's only tough if you make it tough for yourself. There will always be two people who are equal in experience, age, qualifications and so forth, and one will be substantially better than the other. Take...