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    this process of aligning has me confused.. I done my hsc 2011, thought i'd post here though since none is replying in the 2011 section anymore loll. So the aligning process is like say you get 90 for economics it aligns to 97 or something. Does this mean say I received a 90 for economics and umm...
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    Paper release

    When are the 2011 HSC papers released?
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    Helping the new students with legal studies notes

    Hey guys, I done my HSC this year and was top of my class in legal studies. I averaged 90's in each exam and assessment with 91% in half yearly 94% in my trials. All 90's for my assessment tasks which included presentations and in class assessment exams. I have really good notes following each...
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    5 marker

    What did you guys right for the economy of your choosing one an international business cycle .? I talked about decolectivisation, commertialisation, open door policy, acceptance of fdi and removal of protectionist policies which allowed china to become integrated into the world economy/subjected...
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    I just saw the proper creative writing question now ... I mistaken places for people FUCK in my story however it does go into the concept of the place affecting my sense of belonging I.e. I'm in jail how much will this effect me ??
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    72,000 students doing English what are the chances of two people getting caught Writing the same essay or creative writing just curious
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    Please help! New Trial Papers

    Can someone please upload all the new legal studies exam papers I've done all my notes all HSC papers were the questions are relevant to the new syllabus i have nothing else to do ..
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    Cssa 2011 economics

    Does anyone know where i can get one the thread in here has a link posted but is says media file not found.
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    Is this a stuff up

    The CSSA extended response question was for Family and it was something like " how have law reforms helped achieve justice for family members and society" the same thing applied for Workplace. I went straight into two contemporary issues straight away although i used plenty case studies and...
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    Legal Studies Trial

    I don't know if our paper was bought do catholic papers do legal studies? BUT DAMN IT WAS EASY i honestly thought i was back in primary school how did you guys go?
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    Cssa 2010 biology

    can someone tell me were i could find the 2010 biology catholic paper + answers?
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    Related texts

    In english if the question has only asked for one related text and you use to do we get disqualified or the second one is just not marked? or do they give you bonus or makes no difference at all
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    Memorizing/+ question

    Well the title sort of gives it away, I'm just wondering how many of you are planning to memorize English essays?? The question is simple if people are memorizing what will make them not memorize plagiarized material ?? I mean are the HSC markers equipped and ready to stop and say parts of this...
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    Hey guys i am just wondering where I could find some catholic economic papers?
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    Crative Writing

    Hey guys! is there an absolute champion out there that take a look at my creative writing and give me feedback! I have worked so long on it and its getting to that point where i have creativity coming out of my ass ! This is the basis of the story i will write in my HSC just hoping for some...
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    Serious advise!

    Firstly, please excuse errors as im writing this off my phone. So my problem is my physics teacher chooses favourites really dislikes me because i have a private tutor with whome i do my course with. Now im the 2nd ranked student in the class ( what i should be ) however he really likes this...
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    What do you guys think?

    Sooooo i was just finishing my essay real quick and i thought i should come on and leave a quick post of my ultimate idea and i just want to see if every one else feels the same or is it just me the essay is about Julius Caesar the question is “Conflicting perspectives of any...
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    Atar help!!

    hey guys this is what has showed up on my half yearly report.. if im able to recreate these identical marks in my hsc what atar am i looking at Physics - 78% Legal Studies - 90.5% English Adv - 80% Biology - 85% Economics - 50.5% ( hoping to take this up to a high 70 low 80!
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    Legal Studies..

    Ok so my teacher is away for 4weeks due to family duties or something so i can't go to her for help so im coming to you guys! Legal studies is my favorite subject and my strongest subject i recieved 92.5% in my half yearly report for it ( 2 assesements and half yearly exam) Human Rights and...
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    Legal studies

    Hey guys i know some people are looking desperately for resources on the new Legal Studies syllabus, I've recently finished typing up my Crime & Human Rights notes they're really good and ill send them over if you guys need some help with Legal Studies!