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  1. Baggygreen408


    Ok- a two prong question: When are statistics such as the Merit list, all rounders list, etc, released by the Board of Studies? and When are details/statistics released about the placings of various schools? (I assume these are usually in newspapers- so are the released today, tomorrow?)
  2. Baggygreen408

    1 Hour Until Results

    results are on on the net
  3. Baggygreen408

    1 Hour Until Results

    Re: I don't care about my ATAR. lol- then it's only another 10 minutes or so for you to wait :P
  4. Baggygreen408

    1 Hour Until Results

    lol- the longest hour of our lives? the hour is darkest before the dawn... literally and metaphorically?
  5. Baggygreen408

    All nighter on BoS on dec16th

    lol. nice :P I'm planning to stay up til around midnight tonight, try and get some sleep, then wake up at around 4:30 or so and see what happens from there :P
  6. Baggygreen408

    First Place in Course

    wow- i thought they weren't released until tomorrow... ok- *gets nervous*
  7. Baggygreen408

    All nighter on BoS on dec16th

    lol- be funny if NSW had rolling blackouts and storms tonight... internet and telephone connectivity die... the people who pre registered for SMS results will be laughing
  8. Baggygreen408

    First Place in Course

    lol- sorry for the nooby question- but what statistics will be released today? Will it just be a list of those who came first place in each course?
  9. Baggygreen408

    UNSW or UTS, that is the question...

    I was thinking along the same lines- I to want to study engineering and have been offered a scholarship at UTS. I made my decision to go to UTS a few months ago- because UTS provides practical internships with their engineering courses which provide important skills that make you more likely...
  10. Baggygreen408

    UTS engineering scholarships

    so- what types of questions do people think will be asked? Will it be any thing like the problem solving questions seen in the UNSW co-op interviews?
  11. Baggygreen408

    UTS engineering scholarships

    Yeh- i got one as well... came in the mail :) I have to come down from Terrigal for a day to do the interview, but thats alright- if it helps for Uni its all good.
  12. Baggygreen408

    Ranks get released at 5pm today whos excited? :D

    Yeh- i second Namu's notion... not that only one of my rnaks came up, but BOS has me moved down 6 ranks in Extension 1 maths :S :@ Board of Studies= Epic Fail
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    Are you looking forward to getting your HSC results?

    I know its very early- but anyone up for an all nighter the night before on BoS? (assuming it doesnt crash or lag)
  14. Baggygreen408

    Urgent! History and geography

    Hey guys... I'm doing my HSC atm, but i got 100 for both History and Geography in my School Certificate. Just know the core topics well- have statistics to back them up, especially if its aksing about Aid or global relationships in Geo. As for history, know your personality well, as well as an...
  15. Baggygreen408

    The Transistors In Australia question

    I think its good to mention Australia's geographical isolation: valve technology required landline telephone calls via a manual switchaboard, decreasing efficency for already long distance calls
  16. Baggygreen408

    Band Cut offs?

    What would be the raw mark needed to get a HSC mark of 95+
  17. Baggygreen408


    In 2003- raw band cut off for an E4 was 34/35 out of 50- so i don't expect the cut off would be higher than 40- because trends usually remain the same each year- so perhaps high 30's if you were to consider this an easier exam to past years
  18. Baggygreen408

    Legible Handwriting

    Seems alright- I could read it all- so markers shouldn't have any trouble at all... I think most markers will want to use that as an example of the more 'neater writing' they see- because a lot of people can get pretty horrible... its all good
  19. Baggygreen408

    Band cut-offs

    Band 6 Cut Off So guys- what do you reckon the raw mark for a band 6 will be this year... And what do you think is needed to get a total mark of roughly 97/98- what raw mark is needed?