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  1. captainhelium

    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    Anyone playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? What characters are you guys maining?
  2. captainhelium

    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    Seems like most of you were relatively content with the paper, which is good to hear :) Did you guys have a big 6-mark question?
  3. captainhelium

    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    Good luck everyone :)
  4. captainhelium

    English Advanced Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    Good luck for Paper 2 everyone! For those not doing English Extension, I'm assuming that the end of Paper 2 would indicate the completion of your HSC English experience :) Hopefully NESA won't ask you guys to specify a text for those doing poems/speeches!
  5. captainhelium

    Studying a language

    Yeah I'm pretty sure it's possible, especially for USYD. I think if you take a degree at USYD combined with their new Bachelor of Advanced Studies, you can actually major in areas that have no correlation with your degree. So for example, if you took a Science/Advanced Studies degree, you...
  6. captainhelium

    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    NESA will try to reflect the mark gap in assessment rankings when giving your 'Moderated Assessment Mark'. Thus, if the spread of marks achieved by your cohort in the actual HSC exam is very similar to the spread of marks from school assessments, then yes, your 'Moderated Assessment Mark' may...
  7. captainhelium

    Band 6 Bio students

    It's a bit hard to estimate what final HSC mark a student would get based off their raw school assessment marks, as some schools might have easier markers and/or make easier exams. But for me personally, I think I got around 95% raw for my half-yearlies, topic tests and trials for Biology.
  8. captainhelium

    Difference between internal and HSC results

    I don't know if this would be considered as a 'big' gap, but when I got my results, my internal school mark for English was 88 but my external mark for the HSC exam was 94. As a result, I got 91 overall for English(Adv.).
  9. captainhelium

    Systematic name of styrene

    I've never seen or heard of 'benzylethene' before. The systematic names for styrene can be ethenylbenzene or phenylethene. There are other names for styrene but the preferred IUPAC name is ethenylbenzene.
  10. captainhelium

    ... Are internal assessment marks/ranks actually worth 50% of your ATAR?

    Yeah, your final marks for each individual subject will depend on two factors: Your examination mark in the actual HSC exam Your performance in school assessments (school assessment mark) Your final mark for a subject will be the average of the two marks. Most confusion tends to...
  11. captainhelium

    Typed vs. Handwritten study notes

    I basically did typed notes throughout the year but before trials and the HSC I just summarised my notes handwritten just to get used to writing and also to retain the information. Everyone has their preferred learning/note-taking style though.
  12. captainhelium

    Ranks and the gaps in between

    Yeah, basically. If everyone does well, and the range of exam marks from first to last are pretty small, then any big gaps from school marks are essentially condensed/reduced to some extent! However, if you are first place, or very very close to first place, then this whole 'ranks' and 'gaps'...
  13. captainhelium

    Ranks and the gaps in between

    You will keep your exam mark as your 'HSC exam mark'. However, it will be averaged out with your 'school moderated assessment mark ' (i.e. internal mark). So if your school rank was spread out from first and other places by decent gaps, then NESA will try to replicate this when calculating...
  14. captainhelium

    Ranks and the gaps in between

    Basically, I believe this means that when NESA calculates your moderated internal assessment mark, they take into consideration not only your rank, but also the 'relative percentage gap' between your rank and 1st place (however, if you're rank 1, then the whole gaps business doesn't really...
  15. captainhelium

    Trials papers This website has some trials from a variety of schools (e.g. James Ruse, Baulkham Hills) for all the subjects that you're doing. Most of them have worked solutions as well.
  16. captainhelium

    Always napping help

    I kept napping all the time during Year 12 as well. I wouldn't recommend it though - your body becomes accustomed to it and it becomes harder to move back into a normal sleep cycle the more you delay it I think. This might sound really lame but I tried to stop napping near the end of Year 12...
  17. captainhelium

    how badly will my internal assessment rank affect my ATAR?

    Just remember that they count the mark gaps between ranks as well. So if the gap between you and 1st place isn't too big, it doesn't necessarily mean you will get the 22nd best mark. For example, if someone was 2nd in a subject with a gap of 1% from 1st place in school assessments and the top...
  18. captainhelium

    Comeback stories

    I was initially last in the class for my first Yr.12 assessment for English but then I just did my best and ended up coming 2nd in trials and 4th overall. I don't know if I should say this too but I somehow ended up getting one of the highest exam marks in my class for the HSC English exam...
  19. captainhelium

    The Anime Thread

    Is anyone watching 'Darling in the Franxx' ? It's airing right now and apparently getting a lot of attention.